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JRRD Cover Art Winner 2011,
Jack Leese Beatcher

Jack Leese Beatcher

Jack Leese Beatcher’s Aether Frequency Selector Tube Second Stage was a gold-medal winner in the Digital Art category of the 2011 VA San Diego Healthcare System creative arts competition. As a gold-medal winner, the image was displayed during the 2011 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in Fayetteville, Arkansas, October 5–11.

Lance Scott is an Army Veteran and artist who discovered his talent during a monthlong hospital stay.

The image took four months to create and was inspired by what the artist calls a vivid imagination and a "What If" game.

"These drawings came out of a ‘what if’ the early theories of the aether, as a medium for the propagation of light were true," explained Beatcher. "What would some of the electronic devices look like? Would we have moved past tubes to solid state devices?"

Beatcher is a Vietnam War Veteran and Bronze Star Medal recipient. He is also a retired illustrator who draws regularly using the creative process as therapy.

"My art has reinvented itself here at the VA San Diego. It has become a true means of expression," said Beatcher. "Not just in the new freedom of drawing, but in the interaction with fellow participants. The art therapy has been a very concrete step in emotional rebuilding and socialization."

Aether Frequency Selector Tube Second Stage is one of five pieces to be featured on the cover of JRRD in 2012. The piece was chosen from hundreds of entries in local VA creative arts competitions. The journal staff selected 18 entries and forwarded them to the JRRD Editorial Board for final selection.

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