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JRRD Cover Art Winner 2009,
Jane Diegelman

Jane Diegelman

Jane Diegelman’s Fishing with Friends is a second place finisher in the Craft Kit Division, Paint-by-Number category, of the 2009 National Veterans Creative Arts competition. The 20- by 16-inch painting of a grandfather and grandson fishing off a pier looks deceptively simple. However, the execution is anything but.

"Paint-by-numbers, especially of this size, are very hard to complete. You feel like you are never going to finish and then ‘Voila!’” explains Diegelman. “The hardest parts were painting the very tiny areas. To get the level of detail required, I used everything from a toothpick to a brush.”

For Diegelman, the painting is a reminder to spend time with family and friends. “The grandfather and grandson fishing inspires family closeness and the importance of being together,” explained Diegelman. “Since I love dogs, fishing, family, and friends, I was immediately drawn to the picture.”

Diegelman has had a lifelong interest in art. She grew up watching her mother paint by numbers and attending ceramic classes. She credits her occupational therapist, Rita Reichert, and her weekly craft group with helping her to explore new crafts, such as woodworking and leathercraft.

Jane Diegelman, JRRD Cover art winner, 2009

“To be chosen [as a JRRD featured artist] from so many obviously talented artists is quite overwhelming. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life,” said Diegelman.

An Army veteran, Diegelman, aged 48, resides in St. Louis, Missouri, where she attends a weekly arts and crafts group at the Jefferson Barracks Division of the St. Louis Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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