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JRRD Cover Art Winner 2009,
Rosalee K. Poncé

Rosalee K. Poncé

Rosalee K. Poncé is a hobby photographer driven by a passion to “share wonders of our world with others.” Poncé is an Air Force veteran who served during the Vietnam war. She is mainly a self-taught photographer who has experimented with a broad range of subjects—wildlife, domestic animals, landscapes, waterfalls, reflections, portraits, architecture, and astrophotography.

“I enjoy wildlife photography the most but it can also be the most frustrating,” explained Poncé. “Rarely does one get a subject that will pose.”

Heron at Grand Falls is her first entry in the creative arts competition. She chose her entry because of its clarity and detail. “I feel it is a lucky chance to get such a shot,” said Poncé. “Grand Falls is a great place to visit. Once in a while, if you arrive at just the right time you may see a heron fishing along the falls.”

Grand Falls is Missouri’s largest natural year-round waterfall. It is located on Shoal Creek, near Joplin. It is one of her favorite places to visit to relax and reenergize.

Rosalee K. Ponce, JRRD Cover art winner, 2009

Poncé entered the creative arts competition at a friend’s urging and is glad that she did. “I found this to be a building experience in self-confidence and a way to bring joy to others,” described Poncé. “I found that the recognition I received from this experience validated that I can reach out, that it is okay to express myself, and that I can be rewarded for the things I enjoy.”

Poncé (57) is a full-time student at the University of Arkansas studying Landscape Architecture. She has had photographs published by the Neosho Post, her hometown newspaper, and a literary arts magazine.

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