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JRRD Cover Art Winner 2011,
Lance Scott

Lance Scott

"Art is like magic. You start with a blank piece of paper and see that paper transformed into something beautiful." Lance Scott

Lance Scott is an Army Veteran and artist who discovered his talent during a monthlong hospital stay.

"When I was about 10 years old, I ate some poisonous berries and almost died," said Scott. "During my stay, there was nothing on television but soap operas so I asked the nurse for paper and pencils. That was my start."

His acrylic painting, Gotta Go, was inspired by a general interest in travel—"Everyone likes to go someplace other than where they’ve been." For Scott, the anticipation of something new and the joy of returning to the familiar are equally thrilling.

Gotta Go is one of five pieces to be featured on the cover of JRRD in 2012. The piece was chosen from hundreds of entries in local VA creative arts competitions. The journal staff selected 18 entries and forwarded them to the JRRD Editorial Board for final selection.

Scott resides in Los Angeles, California.

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