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Diabetes Topic Cluster List

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 Issue Date First Author Title  
52-7 12/15/2015 Sherene E. Sharath, MPH Ambulation and independence among Veterans with nontraumatic bilateral lower´┐Żlimb loss TRUE
52-2 7/23/2015 Alyson J. Littman, PhD Lower-limb amputation and body weight changes in men  
52-2 7/28/2015 Grace L. Tsan, OD Assessment of diabetic teleretinal imaging program at the Portland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center  
51-8 5/29/2015 Heather Franklin, MPH Cost of lower-limb amputation in U.S. veterans with diabetes using health services data in fiscal years 2004 and 2010  
51-54/15/2015Mohammad Reza Mohajeri-Tehrani, MDEffect of low-intensity direct current on expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and nitric oxide in diabetic foot ulcers 
51-23/26/2015Wai Ting LoNew methods for evaluating physical and thermal comfort properties of orthotic materials used in insoles for patients with diabetes 
50-511/7/2013Hadis Sabour, MD, PhDCardiometabolic risk factors in Iranians with spinal cord injury: Analysis by injury-related variables 
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-5 11/07/2013 Hadis Sabour, MD, PhD Cardiometabolic risk factors in Iranians with spinal cord injury: Analysis by injury-related variables
49-10 3/13/2013 Joseph B. Webster, MD Prosthetic fitting, use, and satisfaction following lower-limb amputation: A prospective study
49-2 4/19/2012 Mohammad Akbari, PhD Do diabetic neuropathy patients benefit from balance training?
48-10 1/9/2012 Trevor W. Oren, MD Arthroplasty in veterans: Analysis of cartilage, bone, serum, and synovial fluid reveals differences and similarities in osteoarthritis with and without comorbid diabetes
48-7 8/31/2011 Hoda Salsabili, MD Dynamic stability training improves standing balance control in neuropathic patients with type 2 diabetes
48-5 6/9/2011 Isaline C. J. M. Eyssen, MSc, OT Responsiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
48-3 3/22/2011 Jonathan S. Akins Interface shear and pressure characteristics of wheelchair seat cushions
48-3 3/22/2011 Darcey D. Terris, PhD Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries
48-2 2/11/2011 Michael P. Dillon, PhD, BPO(Hons) Effect of prosthetic design on center of pressure excursion in partial foot prostheses
47-4 6/18/2010 Barbara J. Sigford, MD, PhD Paradigm shift for VA amputation care
47-1 3/22/2010 Jaap J. van Netten, MSc Use and usability of custom-made orthopedic shoes
46-5 10/13/2009   Huanguang Jia, PhD, MPH Long-term effect of home telehealth services on preventable hospitalization use
46-3 1/1/2009   Glenn K. Klute, PhD Lower-limb amputee needs assessment using multistakeholder focus-group approach
45-9 1/1/2008   Juha M. Hijmans, MSc Effects of vibrating insoles on standing balance in diabetic neuropathy
44-5 1/1/2007   Asghar Akbari, PhD Effects of vacuum-compression therapy on healing of diabetic foot
ulcers: Randomized controlled trial
43-6 9/1/2007   Paul R. Conlin, MD Nonmydriatic teleretinal imaging improves adherence to annual eye examinations in patients with diabetes
43-6 9/1/2007   Paul R. Conlin, MD Framework for a national teleretinal imaging program to screen for diabetic retinopathy in Veterans Health Administration patients
43-6 9/1/2006   John C. Townsend, OD, FAAO Vision rehabilitation: Current research activities helping to meet needs of veterans with visual impairments
43-4 7/1/2006   Karen L. Perell, PhD, RKT Location of plantar ulcerations in diabetic patients referred to a Department of Veterans Affairs podiatry clinic
43-2 3/1/2006   Mark V. Johnston, PhD Personal and treatment factors associated with foot self-care among veterans with diabetes
42-5 9/1/2005   William R. Ledoux, PhD Relationship between foot type, foot deformity, and ulcer occurrence in the high-risk diabetic foot
42-3 5/1/2005   Wei-Chih Wang, PhD A shear and plantar pressure sensor based on fiber-optic bend loss
41-6 11/1/2004   Bonnie Yuk San Tsung Effectiveness of insoles on plantar pressure redistribution.
41-4 7/1/2004   Douglas G. Smith, MD Ambulatory activity in men with diabetes: Relationship between self-reported and real-world performance-based measures.
41-3a 5/1/2004   Janet P. Szlyk, PhD Relationship of retinal structural and clinical vision parameters to driving performance of diabetic retinopathy patients
41-2 3/1/2004   Harold L. Merriman, PhD, MPT A comparison of four electrical stimulation types on Staphylococcus aureus growth in vitro
39-5 9/1/2002   Gayle E. Reiber, MPH, PhD Footwear used by individuals with diabetes and a history of foot ulcer
39-3s 5/1/2002   Robert Myers, PhD Presentation highlights: Osseointegration
39-1 1/1/2002   Karen L. Perell, PhD Comparison of cycling kinetics during recumbent bicycling in subjects with and without diabetes
38-3 5/1/2001   Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD Limb loss prevention and prosthetic engineering
38-3 5/1/2001   Gayle E. Reiber, MPH, PhD A comparison of diabetic foot ulcer patients managed in VHA and non-VHA settings
38-3 5/1/2001   Jennifer A. Mayfield, MD, MPH Survival following lower-limb amputation in a veteran population
38-3 5/1/2001   Jennifer A. Mayfield, MD, MPH Trends in peripheral vascular procedures in the Veterans Health Administration, 1989-1998
37-4 7/1/2000   Lisa Finklea, Assistant Analyst Commending Ernest M. Burgess, MD, PhD with Senate Resolution 278 For His Unwavering Global Service to Prosthetics Medicine
37-1 1/1/2000   Kirk E. Smith, AAS Assessment of the diabetic foot using spiral computed tomography imaging and plantar pressure measurements: A technical report
36-1 1/1/1999   Gregory G. Fotieo, MD Diabetic amputations in the VA: Are there opportunities for interventions?
35-3 7/1/1998   Patrick J. Potter, MD, FRCPC Incidence of Peripheral Neuropathy in the Contralateral Limb of Persons with Unilateral Amputation Due to Diabetes
35-3 7/1/1998   Anthony D. Levins, MD Adaptive gait responses to plantar heel pain
35-2 6/1/1998   Beth A. Todd, PhD Polyurethane foams : Effects of specimen size when
determining cushioning stiffness
35-1 1/1/1998   David G. Armstrong, DPM Peak foot pressures influence the healing time of diabetic foot
ulcers treated with total contact casts
34-3 7/1/1997   David G. Armstrong, DPM Monitoring Healing of Acute Charcot's Arthropathy with Infrared Dermal Thermometry
32-3 7/1/1995   Jacqueline J . Wertsch, MD Plantar pressures with total contact casting
31-4 11/1/1994   Gayle E. Reiber, MPH, PhD Who Is At Risk of Limb Loss And What To Do About It?
31-4 11/1/1994   Ernest M. Burgess, MD Clinical and Laboratory Study of Amputation Surgery and Rehabilitation
31-3 8/1/1994   Marilyn Lord, PhD Pressure redistribution by molded inserts in diabetic footwear: A pilot study
30-4 10/1/1993   Bok Y. Lee, MD Distal thigh/arm index as a predictor of success for lumbar sympathectomy
27-4 11/1/1990   Thay Q. Lee, MS Potential application of photoplethysmography technique in evaluating microcirculatory status of STAMP patients: Preliminary report
26-3 9/1/1989   Martin Mussman, D.P.M. Diabetic Foot Pathology and Lower Extremity Complications in the Treatment of Diabetes
26-3 9/1/1989   John J. Holewski, DPM Prevalence of foot pathology and lower extremity complications in a diabetic outpatient clinic