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Multiple Sclerosis Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
52-6 12/11/2015 Nathaniel B. Ketelhut, BS Core muscle characteristics during walking of patients with multiple sclerosis
52-3 7/30/2015 William J. Culpepper, PhD, MA VHA Multiple Sclerosis Surveillance Registry and its similarities to other contemporary multiple sclerosis cohorts  
52-3 7/30/2015 Brian M. Sandroff, MS No association between body composition and cognition in ambulatory persons with multiple sclerosis: A brief report  
51-6 5/15/2015 Theodore R. Kremer, BS Dynamometer-based measure of spasticity confirms limited association between plantarflexor spasticity and walking function in persons with multiple sclerosis  
51-6 5/15/2015 Harshal P. Mahajan, PhD Preliminary evaluation of a variable compliance joystick for people with multiple sclerosis  
51-5 4/13/2015 Arnaud Gouelle, PhD Use of Functional Ambulation Performance Score as measurement of gait ability: Review  
51-4 4/8/2015 Helena Laciuga, MA Functional outcomes associated with expiratory muscle strength training: Narrative review  
50-8 1/22/2015 Christie L. Ward, MS Body composition and physical function in women with multiple sclerosis  
50-6 12/19/2013 Alexander K. Ommaya, ScD Opportunities in rehabilitation research  
50-5 12/19/2013 Catherine M. Smith, PhD Healthcare provider beliefs about exercise and fatigue in people with
multiple sclerosis
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-5 11/8/2013 At a Glance Catherine M. Smith, PhD Healthcare provider beliefs about exercise and fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Ari Jacob Levi Wilkenfeld, MD, PhD Review of electrical stimulation, botulinum toxin, and their combination for spastic drop foot
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Rebecca D. Larson, PhD Bilateral differences in lower-limb performance in individuals with multiple sclerosis
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Deepan C. Kamaraj, MD Acute mountain sickness in athletes with neurological impairments
50-1 3/11/2013 At a Glance Ilke Keser, PhD, PT Comparing routine neurorehabilitation program with trunk exercises based on Bobath concept in multiple sclerosis: Pilot study
49-9 1/7/2013 At a Glance Jacob J. Sosnoff, PhD Does a waist-worn ActiGraph accelerometer quantify community ambulation in persons with multiple sclerosis?
49-3 4/26/2012 At a Glance Brian M. Sandroff Accelerometer output and its association with energy expenditure in persons with multiple sclerosis
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Vinod Sharma, PhD Clinical evaluation of semiautonomous smart wheelchair architecture (Drive-Safe System) with visually impaired individuals
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Amit Kumar, MS, PT Pilot study for quantifying driving characteristics during power wheelchair soccer
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Saisho Mangla, BS Disease-modifying agents in progressive multiple sclerosis: Management of 100 patients at Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC, Spinal Cord Injury Division
48-9 11/21/2011 At a Glance Deirdre Dlugonski, BS Increasing physical activity in multiple sclerosis: Replicating Internet intervention effects using objective and self-report outcomes
48-9 11/21/2011 At a Glance Alex D. Rae-Grant, MD Self-management in neurological disorders: Systematic review of the literature and potential interventions in multiple sclerosis care
48-7 8/31/2011 At a Glance Jessie M. Huisinga, PhD Elliptical exercise improves fatigue ratings and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Ya-Ju Chang, PhD Decreased central fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients after 8 weeks of surface functional electrical stimulation
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Edmund F. LoPresti, PhD Performance testing of collision-avoidance system for power wheelchairs
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Isaline C. J. M. Eyssen, MSc, OT Responsiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
48-4 5/23/2011 At a Glance Lauren M. Wier, MPH Effect of robot-assisted versus conventional body-weight-supported treadmill training on quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis
48-4 5/23/2011 At a Glance Joseph Hidler, PhD The road ahead for rehabilitation robotics
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT Falls requiring medical attention among veterans with multiple sclerosis: A cohort study
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Nastaran Ghotbi, PhD, PT Measurement of lower-limb muscle spasticity: Intrarater reliability of Modified Modified Ashworth Scale
47-7 10/10/2010 At a Glance M. Samantha Lewis, PhD Audiometric hearing status of individuals with and without multiple sclerosis
47-6 9/23/2010 At a Glance William J. Culpepper, II, PhD, MA Using geographic information system tools to improve access to MS specialty care in Veterans Health Administration
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Edward Kim, MD Novel method for measurement of fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Real-Time Digital Fatigue Score
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Mitchell T. Wallin, MD, MPH Integrated multiple sclerosis care: New approaches and paradigm shifts
47-3 5/6/2010 At a Glance Ana Souza, MS Multiple sclerosis and mobility-related assistive technology: Systematic review of literature
47-1 3/22/2010 At a Glance Sibel Eyigor, MD Quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis and urinary disorders: Reliability and validity of Turkish-language version of Incontinence Quality of Life Scale
46-5 10/13/2009   Rebecca I. Spain, MD Thickness of retinal nerve fiber layer correlates with disease duration in parallel with corticospinal tract dysfunction in untreated multiple sclerosis
46-2 1/1/2009   Brad E. Dicianno, MD Joystick use for virtual power wheelchair drivingin individuals with tremor: Pilot study
45-9 1/1/2008   Joseph Finkelstein, MD, PhD Home-based physical telerehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis: A pilot study
45-6 1/1/2008   Mina C. Mojtahedi, MS Bone health in ambulatory individuals withmultiple sclerosis: Impact of physical activity,glucocorticoid use, and body composition
44-5 1/1/2007   Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, MPT Comparison of mobility device delivery within Department of Veterans
Affairs for individuals with multiple sclerosis versus spinal cord injury
43-1 1/1/2006   Mitchell T. Wallin, MD, MPH Cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: Assessment, imaging, and risk factors
43-1 1/1/2006   Michael J. Hatzakis Jr, MD Use of medical informatics for management of multiple sclerosis using a chronic-care model
43-1 1/1/2006   William. J. Culpepper II, MA Veterans Health Administration multiple sclerosis surveillance registry: The problem of case-finding from administrative databases
43-1 1/1/2006   Aaron P. Turner, PhD Exploring educational needs of multiple sclerosis care providers: Results
of a care-provider survey
43-1 1/1/2006   Joseph B. Guarnaccia, MD Quality of life for veterans with multiple sclerosis on disease-modifying agents: Relationship to disability
43-1 1/1/2006   Mitchell T. Wallin, MD, MPH Depression and multiple sclerosis: Review of a lethal combination
43-1 1/1/2006   Barry S. Oken, MD Cognition and fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Potential effects of medications
with central nervous system activity
43-1 1/1/2006   M. Samantha Lewis, PhD Some effects of multiple sclerosis on speech perception in noise: Preliminary findings
43-1 1/1/2006   Duncan G. Campbell, PhD Complementary and alternative medicine use in veterans with multiple sclerosis: Prevalence and demographic associations
43-1 1/1/2006   Susan I. V. Judge, PhD Voltage-gated potassium channels in multiple sclerosis: Overview and new implications for treatment of central nervous system inflammation and degeneration
43-1 1/1/2006   Cornelia Cudrici, MD Oligodendrocyte cell death in pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis: Protection of oligodendrocytes from apoptosis by complement
43-1 1/1/2006   Christopher T. Bever Jr, MD, MBA Veterans Health Administration Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence: Clinical care, education, informatics, and research
43-1 1/1/2006   Jesus Lovera, MD, MSPH Correlations of Perceived Deficits Questionnaire of Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Inventory with Beck Depression Inventory and neuropsychological tests
41-3a 5/1/2004   Ryan M. Smith, BSEE Application of adaptive filters to visual testing and treatment in acquired pendular nystagmus
41-3a 5/1/2004   Ryan M. Smith, BSEE Image-shifting optics for a nystagmus treatment device
40-3 5/1/2003   Michael Hatzakis, Jr., MD Telemedicine and the delivery of health services to veterans with multiple sclerosis
39-5 9/1/2002   Susan L. Garber, MA, OTR, FAOTA A structured educational model to improve pressure ulcer prevention knowledge in veterans with spinal cord dysfunction
39-2 3/1/2002   Steven R. Schwid, MD Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Current understanding and future directions
39-2 3/1/2002   Timothy L. Vollmer, MD Disability and treatment patterns of multiple sclerosis patients in United States: A comparison of veterans and nonveterans
39-2 3/1/2002   Carlo Pozzilli, MD, PhD Epidemiology and current treatment of multiple sclerosis in Europe today
39-2 3/1/2002   Elisabetta Prat, MD The immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
39-2 3/1/2002   Donna Jo Blake, MD An overview of assistive technology for persons with multiple sclerosis
39-2 3/1/2002   Sergio E. Baranzini, PhD New insights into the genetics of multiple sclerosis
39-2 3/1/2002   John Booss, MD Multiple sclerosis: Paradox and public policy*
39-2 3/1/2002   Robert D. Kerns, PhD Pain in multiple sclerosis: A biopsychosocial perspective
39-2 3/1/2002   Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD Sodium channels as molecular targets in multiple sclerosis
39-2 3/1/2002   Marco Rovaris, MD MR-based technology for in vivo detection, characterization, and quantification of pathology of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
39-2 3/1/2002   Mark J. Tullman, MD Immunotherapy of multiple sclerosis-Current practice and future directions
39-2 3/1/2002   Gordon T. Ingle, MRCP Magnetic resonance imaging in primary progressive multiple sclerosis
38-2 3/1/2001   Peter Feys Assistive technology to improve PC interaction for people with intention tremor
37-4 7/1/2000   Alan J Thompson, MD, FRCP, FRCPI The effectiveness of neurological rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
36-3 7/1/1999   Mary M. Rodgers, PhD, PT Gait characteristics of individuals with multiple sclerosis before and after a 6-month aerobic training program
35-4 10/1/1998   Daniel N. Allen, PhD Teaching memory strategies to persons with multiple sclerosis
35-3 7/1/1998   Michael W. Chang, MD, PhD Mathematical modeling of normal pharyngeal bolus transport: A preliminary study
31-4 11/1/1994   Barnaby A. Perks, BSc, MSc A survey of marginal wheelchair users