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Orthopedics Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
52-7 12/11/2015 Jui-Te Lin, MS Evaluation of wheelchair resistive forces during straight and turning trajectories across different wheelchair configurations using free-wheeling coast-down test
52-7 12/11/2015 Jessica C. Rivera, MD;1 Volumetric muscle loss leads to permanent disability following extremity trauma
52-6 11/24/2015 Esra Erkol ?nal, MD Effects of hyperthyroidism on hand grip strength and function
52-5 11/18/2015 Declan Sweeney, BSc (Hon) Effect of antipronation foot orthosis geometry on compression of heel and arch soft tissues
51-7 5/19/2015 Elham Dolatabadi, MSc Vision-based approach for long-term mobility monitoring: Single case study following total hip replacement  
51-2 3/25/2015 Curtis S. To, PhD Sensor-based hip control with hybrid neuroprosthesis for walking in paraplegia  
51-2 3/25/2015 Ronald N. Goodman, PhD Increased reward in ankle robotics training enhances motor control and cortical efficiency in stroke  
51-10 6/18/2015 Carolina Sant'anna Umpierres, MSc Rehabilitation following total hip arthroplasty evaluation over short follow-up time: Randomized clinical trial  
51-1 3/20/2015 Tzong-Ming Wu, PhD Biomechanical study of upper-limb exoskeleton for resistance training with three-dimensional motion analysis system  
50-8 1/22/2015 Shay Tenenbaum, MD Effects of foot posture and heel padding devices on soft tissue deformations under the heel in supine position in males: MRI studies  
50-7 10/15/2014 Natalia C. Rodrigues, PhD Effects of 660 nm low-level laser therapy on muscle healing process after cryolesion  
50-6 1/16/2014 Linda M. Riek, DPT, PhD How "healthy" is circuit resistance training following paraplegia? Kinematic analysis associated with shoulder mechanical impingement risk  
50-6 1/16/2014 Joan E. Sanders, PhD How does adding and removing liquid from socket bladders affect residual-limb fluid volume?  
50-6 1/16/2014 Fase Badriah, MPH Interaction effects between rehabilitation and discharge destination on inpatients� functional abilities  
50-1 11/30/2013 Arun Kumar, MSc, BSc Use of powered mobile arm supports by people with neuromuscular conditions  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-1 3/11/2013 At a Glance Arun Kumar, MSc, BSc Use of powered mobile arm supports by people with neuromuscular conditions
50-1 3/11/2013 At a Glance Edward D. Lemaire, PhD Mechanical and biomechanical analysis of a linear piston design for angular-velocity-based orthotic control
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Winson C. C. Lee, PhD Effectiveness of adjustable dorsiflexion night splint in combination with accommodative foot orthosis on plantar fasciitis
49-4 5/30/2012 At a Glance Antonio J. del-Ama, Eng MSc Review of hybrid exoskeletons to restore gait following spinal cord injury
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Yasmin Garcia-Mendez, BS Dynamic stiffness and transmissibility of commercially available wheelchair cushions using a laboratory test method
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Trevor W. Oren, MD Arthroplasty in veterans: Analysis of cartilage, bone, serum, and synovial fluid reveals differences and similarities in osteoarthritis with and without comorbid diabetes
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Rory A. Cooper, PhD Guest Editorial: Paralympics and veterans
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Carolin Curtze, MSc Determining asymmetry of roll-over shapes in prosthetic walking
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Maria J. Gerschutz, PhD Tensile strength and impact resistance properties of materials used in prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Andrew S. Dunn, DC, MS, MEd Retrospective case series of clinical outcomes associated with chiropractic management for veterans with low back pain
48-7 8/31/2011 At a Glance Curtis S. To, PhD Stance control knee mechanism for lower-limb support in hybrid neuroprosthesis
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Isaline C. J. M. Eyssen, MSc, OT Responsiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Michael P. Dillon, PhD, BPO(Hons) Effect of prosthetic design on center of pressure excursion in partial foot prostheses
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Linda Resnik, PT, PhD Measurement of community reintegration in sample of severely wounded servicemembers
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Elisa S. Schrank, BS Dimensional accuracy of ankle-foot orthoses constructed by rapid customization and manufacturing framework
47-7 10/19/2010 At a Glance Jaap J. van Netten, MSc Long-term use of custom-made orthopedic shoes: 1.5-year follow-up study
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Thomas Schmalz, PhD Analysis of biomechanical effectiveness of valgus-inducing knee brace for osteoarthritis of knee
47-3 5/6/2010 At a Glance Sarah Wolf, MPH, RD Predictors of weight loss in overweight veterans with knee osteoarthritis who participated in a clinical trial
46-9 3/12/2010   Brad M. Isaacson, BS Effectiveness of resonance frequency in predicting orthopedic implant
strength and stability in an in vitro osseointegration model
46-4 1/1/2009   Andrew Y. Zhang, MD Tissue-engineered intrasynovial tendons: Optimization of acellularization and seeding
44-5 1/1/2007   John Nyland, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC, FACSM Self-reported chair-rise ability relates to stair-climbing readiness of total
knee arthroplasty patients: A pilot study
43-4 7/1/2006   Meika A. Fang, MD Effects of footwear on medial compartment knee osteoarthritis
43-4 7/1/2006   Karen L. Frost, PhD Isometric performance following total hip arthroplasty and rehabilitation
43-4 7/1/2006   Jrme Maire, PhD Influence of a 6-week arm exercise program on walking ability and health status after hip arthroplasty: A 1-year follow-up pilot study
43-2 3/1/2006   Rune A. Thorsen, MSc, PhD Functional electrical stimulation reinforced tenodesis effect controlled by myoelectric activity from wrist extensors
43-2 3/1/2006   Benjamin P. Heilman, MS Selection of an optimal muscle set for a 16-channel standing neuroprosthesis using a human musculoskeletal model
43-2 3/1/2006   Ari J. Wilkenfeld, MD, PhD Feasibility of functional electrical stimulation for control of seated posture after spinal cord injury: A simulation study
43-2 3/1/2006   Mark V. Johnston, PhD Personal and treatment factors associated with foot self-care among veterans with diabetes
43-2 3/1/2006   Michael S. Orendurff, MS Gait efficiency using the C-Leg
42-6 11/1/2005   Leah R. MacClellan, MSPH Robotic upper-limb neurorehabilitation in chronic stroke patients
42-6 11/1/2005   Lise C. Worthen, MS Key characteristics of walking correlate with bone density in individuals
with chronic stroke
42-6 11/1/2005   Mohammed Ferdjallah, PhD Nerve conduction topography in geriatric hand assessment
42-6 11/1/2005   Chimba Mkandawire, PhD Foot and ankle ligament morphometry
42-4 7/1/2005   Hideyuki Hirose, ME, PT Development of clinical methods for measuring geometric alignment
of the thoracic and lumbar spines of wheelchair-seated persons
42-4 7/1/2005   Jack A. Loeppky, PhD Effects of ischemic training on leg exercise endurance
42-4 7/1/2005   Hans Chaudhry, PhD Postural stability index is a more valid measure of stability than
equilibrium score
42-3 5/1/2005   Wei-Chih Wang, PhD A shear and plantar pressure sensor based on fiber-optic bend loss
42-2 3/1/2005   Raymond Y. W. Lee, PhD Bending stiffness of the lumbar spine subjected to posteroanterior manipulative force
42-2 3/1/2005   Martin D. Hoffman, MD Experimentally induced pain perception is acutely reduced by aerobic exercise in people with chronic low back pain
42-1 1/1/2005   Eling D. de Bruin, PhD A validity study of phase velocity measurements in spinal cord injury
41-6 11/1/2004   Veronica I. Shubayev, MD Titanium implants induce expression of matrix metalloproteinases in bone during osseointegration
41-4 7/1/2004   Glenn K. Klute, PhD Heel-region properties of prosthetic feet and shoes
41-4 7/1/2004   Kim L. Bennell, PhD Is the Human Activity Profile a useful measure in people with knee osteoarthritis?
41-2 3/1/2004   Nicholas J. Giori, MD, PhD Load-shifting brace treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee: A minimum 2 1/2-year follow-up study
40-6 11/1/2003   Bonnie Yuk San Tsung, Mphil Quantitative comparison of plantar foot shapes under different weight-bearing conditions
40-4s 7/1/2003   Edelle Carmen Field-Fote, PhD, PT Quantification of functional behavior in humans and animals:
Time for a paradigm shift
40-4 7/1/2003   Patrick J. McMahon, MD A novel cadaveric model for anterior-inferior shoulder dislocation using forcible apprehension positioning
40-3 5/1/2003   Douglas G. Smith, MD Postoperative dressing and management strategies for transtibial amputations: A critical review
40-2 3/1/2003   Caroline A.M. Doorenbosch, PhD The globe system: An unambiguous description of shoulder positions in daily life movements
40-2 3/1/2003   Laura Dipietro, PhD Evaluation of an instrumented glove for hand-movement acquisition
40-2 3/1/2003   Robert J. Goldman, MD Phase I design and evaluation of an isometric muscle reeducation device for knee osteoarthritis rehabilitation
40-2 3/1/2003   Chaodi Li, PhD Failure analysis of composite femoral components for hip arthroplasty
40-1 1/1/2003   Dewen Jin, Professor Kinematic and dynamic performance of prosthetic knee joint using six-bar mechanism
40-1 1/1/2003   Mary M. Rodgers, PhD, PT Upper-limb fatigue-related joint power shifts in experienced wheelchair users and nonwheelchair users
39-5 9/1/2002   Rakesh Saxena, PhD Processing computer tomography bone data for prosthetic finite element modeling: A technical note
39-4 7/1/2002   Patrick J. McMahon, MD Effects of anteroinferior capsulolabral incision and resection on glenohumeral joint reaction force
39-4 7/1/2002   Duncan Shirreffs Bain, PhD Remote monitoring of sitting behavior of people with spinal cord injury
39-3 5/1/2002   Asghar Rezasoltani, PhD Isometric cervical extension force and dimensions of semispinalis capitis muscle
39-3 5/1/2002   Thay Q. Lee, PhD Effects of simulated vastus medialis strength variation on patellofemoral joint biomechanics in human cadaver knees
39-3 5/1/2002   Daniel L.A. Camacho, MD, PhD A three-dimensional, anatomically detailed foot model: A foundation for a finite element simulation and means of quantifying foot-bone position
39-2 3/1/2002   Robert D. Kerns, PhD Pain in multiple sclerosis: A biopsychosocial perspective
38-5 9/1/2001   Thay Q. Lee, PhD The effects of tibial rotation on the patellofemoral joint: assessment of the changes in in situ strain in the peripatellar retinaculum and the patellofemoral contact pressures and areas<
38-5 9/1/2001   Kelly Weaver, MD Design and validation of an instrument package designed to increase the reliability of ankle range of motion measurements
38-5 9/1/2001   Ronald J. Triolo, PhD A reusable, self-adhesive electrode for intraoperative stimulation in the lower limbs
38-4 7/1/2001   Richard F. ff. Weir, PhD Cineplasty as a control input for externally powered prosthetic components
38-4 7/1/2001   Michael L. Boninger, MD Shoulder imaging abnormalities in individuals with paraplegia
38-3 5/1/2001   Bruce J. Sangeorzan, MD Limb loss prevention and prosthetic engineering
38-3 5/1/2001   Chris W. Digiovanni, MD Can the presence of equinus contracture be established by physical exam alone?
38-2 3/1/2001   JS Wayne, PhD Long-term survival of regenerated cartilage on a large joint surface
38-1 1/1/2001   Sandro S. Marchese, PhD The spasticity evaluation test (SeT): A pilot study
37-4 7/1/2000   Steven J. Schafer, MD Heterotopic ossification in rehabilitation patients who have had internal fixation of an acetabular fracture
37-4 7/1/2000   Lisa Finklea, Assistant Analyst Commending Ernest M. Burgess, MD, PhD with Senate Resolution 278 For His Unwavering Global Service to Prosthetics Medicine
37-3 5/1/2000   Michael D. Nowak, ScD Design enhancement of a solid ankle-foot orthosis: real-time contact pressures evaluation
37-2 3/1/2000   M.C.H. van der Meulen, PhD Mechanobiology of femoral neck structure during adolescence
37-2 3/1/2000   B.J. Kiratli, PhD Bone mineral and geometric changes through the femur with immobilization due to spinal cord injury
37-2 3/1/2000   Shawn W. O'Driscoll, MD, PhD Continuous passive motion (CPM): Theory and principles of clinical application
37-2 3/1/2000   Christopher J. Hernandez, MS A model of mechanobiologic and metabolic influences on bone adaptation
37-2 3/1/2000   Christopher R. Jacobs, PhD The mechanobiology of cancellous bone structural adaptation
37-2 3/1/2000   Dennis R. Carter, PhD Mechanobiology in Rehabilitation Science
37-2 3/1/2000   John R. Mosley, BVM&S, PhD Osteoporosis and bone functional adaptation: Mechanobiological regulation of bone architecture in growing and adult bone, a review
37-2 3/1/2000   Julie Glowacki, PhD In vitro engineering of cartilage
37-2 3/1/2000   R. Lane Smith, PhD Time-dependent effects of intermittent hydrostatic pressure on articular chondrocyte type II collagen and aggrecan mRNA expression
37-2 3/1/2000   Gary S. Beaupr, PhD Mechanobiology in the development, maintenance, and degeneration of articular cartilage
37-2 3/1/2000   Tishya A.L. Wren, PhD Mechanobiology of tendon adaptation to compressive loading through fibrocartilaginous metaplasia
37-2 3/1/2000   Borjana Mikic, PhD Differential effects of embryonic immobilization on the development of fibrocartilaginous skeletal elements
37-2 3/1/2000   Dennis R. Taaffe, PhD Musculoskeletal health and the older adult
37-2 3/1/2000   Tishya A. L. Wren, PhD Tendon and ligament adaptation to exercise, immobilization, and remobilization
37-2 3/1/2000   Thomas P. Andriacchi, PhD Methods for evaluating the progression of osteoarthritis
37-1 1/1/2000   Alexander S. Aruin, PhD Compelled weightbearing in persons with hemiparesis following stroke: The effect of a lift insert and goal-directed balance exercise
37-1 1/1/2000   Ray-Yau Wang, PhD Effects of thoraco-lumbar electric sensory stimulation on knee extensor spasticity of persons who survived cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
37-1 1/1/2000   Mindy L. Aisen, M.D. Creativity, Collaboration, and Cooperation
37-1 1/1/2000   Arthur M. Sherwood, PhD Altered motor control and spasticity after spinal cord injury: Subjective and objective assessment
36-3 7/1/1999   Mahesh M. Bhatia, MS New On-line Parameters for Analysis of Dynamic Foot Pressures in Neuropathic Feet of Hansen's Disease Subjects
36-3 7/1/1999   John C. Franco, MD, MS Knee kinetics during functional electrical stimulation induced cycling in subjects with spinal cord injury: A preliminary study
36-3 7/1/1999   Edward Taub, PhD Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: A New Family of Techniques with Broad Application to Physical Rehabilitation--A Clinical Review
36-3 7/1/1999   Shanti Jacob, PhD Three-dimensional Foot Modeling and Analysis of Stresses in Normal and Early Stage Hansen's Disease with Muscle Paralysis
36-3 7/1/1999   Edward Taub, PhD  
36-3 7/1/1999   Chris A. McGibbon, PhD Effects of age and functional limitation on leg joint power and work during stance phase of gait
36-2 4/1/1999   Faye Y. Chiou-Tan, MD Comparison of upper limb muscle activity in four walking canes: A preliminary study
36-2 4/1/1999   Yongping Zheng, PhD Objective assessment of limb tissue elasticity: Development of a manual indentation procedure
35-4 10/1/1998   Jack Kotovsky, MS A wearable tremor-suppression orthosis
35-3 7/1/1998   Jules G. Becher, MD Measurement of impaired muscle function of the gastrocnemius, soleus, and tibialis anterior muscles in spastic hemiplegia: A preliminary study
35-3 7/1/1998   Dirk Jan H. E. J. Veeger, PhD Wrist motion in handrim wheelchair propulsion
35-1 1/1/1998   Jaime L. Davis, BA Three-dimensional kinematics of the shoulder complex during
wheelchair propulsion: A technical report
35-1 1/1/1998   Ngoc Huynh Tuong, MASc, Peng Three-dimensional evaluation of lumbar orthosis effects on
spinal behavior
34-4 10/1/1997   Kinda A. Khalaf, MS Modeling of functional trunk muscle performance : Interfacing ergonomics and spine rehabilitation in response to the ADA
34-4 10/1/1997   Stuart M. McGill, PhD Distribution of tissue loads the low back during a variety of daily and rehabilitation tasks
34-4 10/1/1997   Lars I. E. Oddsson, DrMedSci Development of new protocols and analysis procedures for the assessment of LBP by surface EMG techniques
34-4 10/1/1997   Mary T. Moffroid, PhD, PT Endurance of trunk muscles in persons with chronic low back pain : Assessment, performance, training
34-3 7/1/1997   Tadashi Sumiya, MD Instantaneous centers of rotation in dorsi/plantar flexion movements of posterior-type plastic ankle-foot orthoses
34-3 7/1/1997   Ping He, PhD, PE 3-D imaging of residual limbs using ultrasound
34-3 7/1/1997   Thay Q. Lee, MS Biomechanical properties of human tibias in long-term spinal cord injury
34-1 1/1/1997   William D. Memberg, MS Instrumented objects for quantitative evaluation of hand grasp
33-4 10/1/1996   Yuan-ting Zhang, PhD Relationships of the vibromyogram to the surface electromyogram of the human rectus femoris muscle during voluntary isometric contraction
33-3 7/1/1996   William M. Vannah, PhD Indentor tests and finite element modeling of bulk muscular tissue in vivo
33-2 4/1/1996   Patrick E. Crago, PhD New control strategies for neuroprosthetic systems
33-2 4/1/1996   Pierre Grandjean, MS Dynamic myoplasty: Surgical transfer and stimulation of skeletal muscle for functional substitution or enhancement
33-2 4/1/1996   J. Andy Hoffer, PhD Neural signals for command control and feedback in functional neuromuscular stimulation : A review
33-2 4/1/1996   P. Hunter Peckham, PhD Functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS)
33-2 4/1/1996   P. Hunter Peckham, PhD Technology transfer of neuroprosthetic devices
33-2 4/1/1996   Kristjan T. Ragnarsson, MD Functional Electrical Stimulation Systems : What Have We Accomplished, Where Are We Going?
33-1 2/1/1996   Michael L. Boninger, MD Use of bivalved ankle-foot orthosis in neuropathic foot and ankle lesions
33-1 2/1/1996   Cameron N. Riviere, PhD Effects of age and disability on tracking tasks with a computer mouse: Accuracy and linearity
32-4 10/1/1995   Tai-Ming Chu, PhD Stress distribution in the ankle-foot orthosis used to correct pathological gait
32-4 10/1/1995   Robert Vinet, DSc Design methodology for a multifunctional hand prosthesis
32-3 7/1/1995   Patrick O. Riley, PhD Phase plane analysis of stability in quiet standing
32-2 5/1/1995   Satoshi Ueda, M.D. Rehabilitation Research and Development in Physical Medicine in Japan : A Historical and State-of-the-Art Review
31-4 11/1/1994   Yuan-Ting Zhang, PhD Distributed random electrical neuromuscular stimulation: Effects of the inter-stimulus interval statistics on the EMG spectrum and frequency parameters
31-3 8/1/1994   Ernest M. Burgess, MD We Can Do Better
31-3 8/1/1994   Sergey F. Kurdibaylo MD Cardiorespiratory status and movement capabilities in adults with limb amputation
31-3 8/1/1994   Marilyn Lord, PhD Pressure redistribution by molded inserts in diabetic footwear: A pilot study
31-3 8/1/1994   Tommy Oberg, MD, PhD Joint angle parameters in gait : Reference data for normal subjects, 10-79 years of age
31-1 1/1/1994   Thomas N. Hangartner, PhD Tibial bone density loss in spinal cord injured patients : Effects
of FES exercise
30-4 10/1/1993   Bok Y. Lee, MD Distal thigh/arm index as a predictor of success for lumbar sympathectomy
30-2 4/1/1993   Dudley S. Childress, PhD Medical/Technical Collaboration in Prosthetics Research and Development
30-2 4/1/1993   William M. Vannah, PhD Modelling the mechanics of narrowly contained soft tissues: The effects of specification of Poisson's Ratio
29-1 1/1/1992   Patrick E. Patterson, PhD Design and evaluation of a sensory feedback system that provides grasping pressure in a myolectric hand
29-1 1/1/1992   Col. Paul R. Meyer, Jr., MD, FS. Desert Storm 1991 : Orthopaedic Related Surgical Injuries
29-1 1/1/1992   Jacqueline J. Wertsch, MD A portable insole plantar pressure measurement syskm
29-1 1/1/1992   Jens Bagger, MD Effect of functional bracing, quadficeps and hamstrings on anterior tibial translation in anterior cruciate ligament insufficiency: A preliminary study
28-4 11/1/1991   David F. McAllister, PhD An interactive computer graphics system for the design of molded and orthopedic shoe lasts
27-3 6/1/1990   Paul Gilsdorf, BS Sitting forces and wheelchair mechanics
27-2 6/1/1990   Bennett G. Edwards, PhD, RKT Metabolic responses to arm ergometry and functional neuromuscular stimulation
27-2 6/1/1990   Leon Bennett, MAE Paraplegic pressure sore frequency versus circulation measurements
27-1 1/1/1990   Dr. S. G. Kabra, MS (Anat), MS (Gen Surg) Articulated cadaveric bones as a structural endoskeleton in ankle-foot prosthesis : A preliminary report
26-3 9/1/1989   Mary Malinauskas, MS Noninvasive measurement of the stiffness of tissue in the above-knee amputation limb
26-2 5/1/1989   John A. Gruner, PhD Nonlinear muscle recruitment during intramuscular and nerve stimulation
26-1 2/1/1989   Joseph M. Rosen, MD Artificial nerve graft compared to autograft in a rat model
25-4 11/1/1988   Robert A. Chubon, PhD An enhanced standard computer keyboard system for
single-finger and typing-stick typing
24-3 8/1/1987   Bok Y. Lee, MD, F.A.C.S. Effect of lumbar sympathectomy on muscle blood flow: Distribution of perfusion measured by hydrogen clearance in skeletal muscle
24-3 8/1/1987   P. M. Sandborn, BS Clinical performance of endoprosthetic and total hip
replacement systems
24-3 8/1/1987   Uros Bogataj Preliminary testing of a dual-channel electrical stimulator
for correction of gait*
24-2 5/1/1987   Richard Shiavi, PhD Electromyographic gait assessment, part 1:
Adult EMC profiles and walking speed
24-2 5/1/1987   George Van B. Cochran, MD Design considerations in development of a prototype,
piezoelectric internal fixation plate: A preliminary report
23-4 11/1/1986   Stephen D. Cook, PhD Metallurgical analysis of five failed cast cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy hip prostheses
23-3 9/1/1986   E. B. Marsolais, MD, PhD Implantation techniques and experience with percutaneous intramuscular electrodes in the lower extremities
22-3 9/1/1985   Alvin H. Sacks, PhD Skin blood flow changes and tissue deformations produced by cylindrical indentors
22-1 2/1/1985   P. S. Walker, PhD External Knee Joint Design Based on Normal Motion
20-1 2/1/1983   John A. Gruner, PhD A System for Evaluation and Exercise-Conditioning of Paralyzed Leg Muscles
20-1 2/1/1983   Alojz Kralj, D.Sc., E.E. Gait Restoration in Paraplegic Patients : A Feasibility Demonstration using Multichannel Surface Electrode FES
18-2 10/1/1981   Christopher H. Evans, PhD, C. Chem, M.R.S.C. The Wear Particles of Synovial Fluid: Their Ferrographic Analysis and Pathophysiological Significance
17-1 4/1/1980   Roy W. Wirta A Technique for the Display of Joint Movement Deviations
17-1 4/1/1980   William Petty, MD In Vitro Evaluation of the Effect of Acetabular Prosthesis Implantation on Human Cadaver Pelves