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Orthotics Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
52-5 11/18/2015 Declan Sweeney, BSc (Hon) Effect of antipronation foot orthosis geometry on compression of heel and arch soft tissues
51-4 4/9/2015 Kasim Mohamed, MDS Identifying position, visibility, dimensions, and angulation of the ear  
51-2 3/26/2015 Wai Ting Lo New methods for evaluating physical and thermal comfort properties of orthotic materials used in insoles for patients with diabetes  
51-2 3/25/2015 Curtis S. To, PhD Sensor-based hip control with hybrid neuroprosthesis for walking in paraplegia  
51-2 3/25/2015 Ronald N. Goodman, PhD Increased reward in ankle robotics training enhances motor control and cortical efficiency in stroke  
51-1 3/20/2015 Tzong-Ming Wu, PhD Biomechanical study of upper-limb exoskeleton for resistance training with three-dimensional motion analysis system  
50-8 1/22/2015 Yeoun-Seung Kang, MD, PhD, CPO Biomechanical evaluation of wrist-driven flexor hinge orthosis in persons with spinal cord injury  
50-8 10/16/2014 Susan L. Whitney, DPT, PhD, NCS, ATC, FAPTA Relationship between cognition and gait performance in older adults receiving physical therapy interventions in the home  
50-8 10/16/2014 Kasim Mohamed, MDS Comparison of two impression techniques for auricular prosthesis: Pilot study  
50-6 12/19/2013 Alexander K. Ommaya, ScD Opportunities in rehabilitation research  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-1 3/13/2013 Arun Kumar, MSc, BSc Use of powered mobile arm supports by people with neuromuscular conditions
49-10 3/13/2013 Jayme S. Knutson, PhD Implanted neuroprosthesis for assisting arm and hand function after stroke: A case study
49-10 3/13/2013 Andrew Sawers, CPO, PhD Beyond componentry: How principles of motor learning can enhance locomotor rehabilitation of individuals with lower limb loss�A review
49-10 3/13/2013 Winson C. C. Lee, PhD Effectiveness of adjustable dorsiflexion night splint in combination with accommodative foot orthosis on plantar fasciitis
49-4 5/30/2012 Antonio J. del-Ama, Eng MSc Review of hybrid exoskeletons to restore gait following spinal cord injury
49-3 4/26/2012 Winson C. C. Lee, PhD Is it important to position foot in subtalar joint neutral position during nonweight-bearing molding for foot orthoses?
49-2 4/19/2012 Alison M. Lichy, PT, DPT, NCS Asymmetric lower-limb bone loss after spinal cord injury: Case report
48-10 1/9/2012 Rory A. Cooper, PhD Guest Editorial: Paralympics and veterans
48-10 1/9/2012 Carolin Curtze, MSc Determining asymmetry of roll-over shapes in prosthetic walking
48-8 10/25/2011 Maria J. Gerschutz, PhD Tensile strength and impact resistance properties of materials used in prosthetic check sockets, copolymer sockets, and definitive laminated sockets
48-7 8/31/2011 Curtis S. To, PhD Stance control knee mechanism for lower-limb support in hybrid neuroprosthesis
48-6 7/20/2011 Randall D. Alley, CP, LP Prosthetic sockets stabilized by alternating areas of tissue compression and release
48-6 7/20/2011 T. Walley Williams III, MA Progress on stabilizing and controlling powered upper-limb prostheses
48-5 6/9/2011 Toshiki Kobayashi, PhD Techniques to measure rigidity of ankle-foot orthosis: A review
48-4 5/23/2011 Candace Tefertiller, PT, DPT, ATP, NCS Efficacy of rehabilitation robotics for walking training in neurological disorders: A review
48-4 5/23/2011 Joseph Hidler, PhD The road ahead for rehabilitation robotics
48-4 5/23/2011 K. Alex Shorter, PhD A portable powered ankle-foot orthosis for rehabilitation
48-2 2/11/2011 Linda Resnik, PT, PhD Measurement of community reintegration in sample of severely wounded servicemembers
48-2 2/11/2011 Michael P. Dillon, PhD, BPO(Hons) Effect of prosthetic design on center of pressure excursion in partial foot prostheses
47-6 9/3/2010 Nicole A. Wilson, PhD Effect of bracing on dynamic patellofemoral contact mechanics
47-5 8/2/2010 Ligie T. John, BPT Postural control and fear of falling in persons with low-level paraplegia
47-5 8/2/2010 Thomas Schmalz, PhD Analysis of biomechanical effectiveness of valgus-inducing knee brace for osteoarthritis of knee
47-1 3/22/2010 Jaap J. van Netten, MSc Use and usability of custom-made orthopedic shoes
46-7 12/30/2009   Edward D. Lemaire, PhD Prosthetic and orthotic resources for communicating in a global village
46-3 1/1/2009   Rudi Kobetic, MS Development of hybrid orthosis for standing, walking, and stair climbing after spinal cord injury
46-3 1/1/2009   William Brett Johnson, BE Walking mechanics of persons who use reciprocating gait orthoses
46-3 1/1/2009   Mark D. Geil, PhD Assessing the state of clinically applicable research for evidence-based practice in prosthetics and orthotics
46-2 1/1/2009   Terris Yakimovich, MASc Engineering design review of stance-controlknee-ankle-foot orthoses
45-9 1/1/2008   Michael P. Dillon, BPO(Hons), PhD Comparison of gait of persons with partialfoot amputation wearing prosthesis to matchedcontrol group: Observational study
45-6 1/1/2008   James G. Foto, BSME, Cped Compact and portable digitally controlled devicefor testing footwear materials: Technical note
44-5 1/1/2007   Mark Pitkin, PhD Porous composite prosthetic pylon for integration with skin and bone
44-4 1/1/2007   Angelika Zissimopoulos, MS Biomechanical and energetic effects of a stance-control orthotic knee joint
44-1 1/1/2007   Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons) Effect of ankle-foot orthosis on roll-over shape in adults with hemiplegia
43-5 8/1/2006   Tariq Rahman, PhD Passive exoskeletons for assisting limb movement
43-4 7/1/2006   Mark Pitkin, PhD Skin and bone integrated prosthetic pylon: A pilot animal study
43-4 7/1/2006   Karen L. Frost, PhD Isometric performance following total hip arthroplasty and rehabilitation
43-4 7/1/2006   Jrme Maire, PhD Influence of a 6-week arm exercise program on walking ability and health status after hip arthroplasty: A 1-year follow-up pilot study
43-2 3/1/2006   Regina Konz, MS Effect of restricted spinal motion on gait
42-3 5/1/2005   Andrew H. Hansen, PhD Effects of adding weight to the torso on roll-over characteristics of walking
42-2 3/1/2005   Mark D. Geil, PhD Consistency and accuracy of measurement of lower-limb amputee anthropometrics
42-2 3/1/2005   Nicholas Herbert, Mphil A preliminary investigation into the development of 3-D printing of prosthetic sockets
41-6 11/1/2004   Veronica I. Shubayev, MD Titanium implants induce expression of matrix metalloproteinases in bone during osseointegration
41-5 9/1/2004   Arturo Zancan, MD A new hip-knee-ankle-foot sling: Kinematic comparison with a traditional ankle-foot orthosis
41-5 9/1/2004   Santosh G. Zachariah, PhD Shape and volume change in the transtibial residuum over the short term: Preliminary investigation of six subjects
41-5 9/1/2004   Kazutoshi Yokogushi, PhD Biomechanical and clinical evaluation of a newly designed polycentric knee of transfemoral prosthesis
41-4 7/1/2004   Glenn K. Klute, PhD Heel-region properties of prosthetic feet and shoes
41-4 7/1/2004   Andrew H. Hansen, PhD Effects of shoe heel height on biologic rollover characteristics during walking
41-4 7/1/2004   Celine Christine Grange, MS Perceived exertion and rehabilitation with arm crank in elderly patients after total hip arthroplasty: A preliminary study
41-4 7/1/2004   Kim L. Bennell, PhD Is the Human Activity Profile a useful measure in people with knee osteoarthritis?
41-2 3/1/2004   John Nyland, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC Comparison of the Easy Strutter Functional Orthosis System and axillary crutches during modified 3-point gait
41-2 3/1/2004   Niels Smaby, MS Identification of key pinch forces required to complete functional tasks
40-6 11/1/2003   Bonnie Yuk San Tsung, Mphil Quantitative comparison of plantar foot shapes under different weight-bearing conditions
40-6 11/1/2003   Kevin L. Kilgore, PhD Durability of implanted electrodes and leads in an upper-limb neuroprosthesis
40-6 11/1/2003   Thomas M. Gavin, CO Biomechanical analysis of cervical orthoses in flexion
and extension: A comparison of cervical collars and cervical thoracic orthoses
40-6 11/1/2003   William D. Memberg, MS Restoration of elbow extension via functional electrical stimulation in individuals with tetraplegia
40-4 7/1/2003   Patrick J. McMahon, MD A novel cadaveric model for anterior-inferior shoulder dislocation using forcible apprehension positioning
40-3 5/1/2003   Douglas G. Smith, MD Postoperative dressing and management strategies for transtibial amputations: A critical review
40-3 5/1/2003   Mathieu Assal, MD Assessment of an electronic goniometer designed to measure equinus contracture
40-3 5/1/2003   Sanjeev Agarwal, MD Long-term user perceptions of an implanted neuroprosthesis for exercise, standing, and transfers after spinal cord injury
40-2 3/1/2003   Robert J. Goldman, MD Phase I design and evaluation of an isometric muscle reeducation device for knee osteoarthritis rehabilitation
40-2 3/1/2003   Chaodi Li, PhD Failure analysis of composite femoral components for hip arthroplasty
40-2 3/1/2003   Caroline A.M. Doorenbosch, PhD The globe system: An unambiguous description of shoulder positions in daily life movements
39-6s 11/1/2002   Dudley S. Childress, PhD Development of rehabilitation engineering over the years: As I see it
39-6s 11/1/2002   Douglas A. Hobson PhD Associate Professor Emeritus Reflections on rehabilitation engineering history: Are there lessons to be learned?
39-3s 5/1/2002   Dudley S. Childress, PhD Presentation highlights: Tunnel cineplasty
39-3s 5/1/2002   Buddy D. Ratner, PhD Presentation highlights: Tissue engineering
39-3s 5/1/2002   Robert Myers, PhD Presentation highlights: Osseointegration
39-3s 5/1/2002   Hugh Herr, PhD Presentation highlights: Prosthetic and orthotic limbs
38-4 7/1/2001   Richard F. ff. Weir, PhD Cineplasty as a control input for externally powered prosthetic components
38-4 7/1/2001   Joan E. Sanders, PhD Mechanical performance of inflatable inserts used in limb prosthetics
38-3 5/1/2001   Douglas G. Smith, MD The use of CAD/CAM technology in prosthetics and orthotics--current clinical models and a view to the future
38-2 3/1/2001   Magnus Ysander, MD Intramedullary osseointegration: development of a rodent model and study of histology and neuropeptide changes around titanium implants
38-2 3/1/2001   Marguerite Hays, MD Eugene F. Murphy, PhD and early VA research in prosthetics and sensory aids
38-2 3/1/2001   Rickard Brnemark, MD, PhD Osseointegration in skeletal reconstruction and rehabilitation
37-6 11/1/2000   Gery Colombo, MS Treadmill training of paraplegic patients using a robotic orthosis
37-6 11/1/2000   Tariq Rahman, PhD A body-powered functional upper limb orthosis
37-5 9/1/2000   Ahmed S. Elokda, MA, PT Effect of functional neuromuscular stimulation on postural related orthostatic stress in individuals with acute spinal cord injury
37-4 7/1/2000   Lisa Finklea, Assistant Analyst Commending Ernest M. Burgess, MD, PhD with Senate Resolution 278 For His Unwavering Global Service to Prosthetics Medicine
37-4 7/1/2000   Jue Wang, MS A compound sensor for biomechanical analyses of buttock soft tissue in vivo
37-4 7/1/2000   Peter J. van Leeuwen, MD Assessment of spinal movement reduction by thoraco-lumbar-sacral orthoses
37-3 5/1/2000   Michael D. Nowak, ScD Design enhancement of a solid ankle-foot orthosis: real-time contact pressures evaluation
37-3 5/1/2000   Daniel H. K. Chow, PhD Quantitative analysis of the effects of audio biofeedback on weight-bearing characteristics of persons with transtibial amputation during early prosthetic ambulation
37-2 3/1/2000   Thomas P. Andriacchi, PhD Methods for evaluating the progression of osteoarthritis
36-1 1/1/1999   William M. Vannah, PhD A method of residual limb stiffness distribution measurement
35-4 10/1/1998   Jack Kotovsky, MS A wearable tremor-suppression orthosis
35-2 6/1/1998   J. Lawrence Katz, PhD Biomaterials in the 21st Century Revisited!
35-2 6/1/1998   Joan E. Sanders, PhD Material properties of commonly-used interface materials and
their static coefficients of friction with skin and socks
35-2 6/1/1998   Tadashi Sumiya, MD Sensing stability and dynamic response of the F-Scan in-shoe
sensing system : A technical note
34-4 10/1/1997   Anne F. Mannion, PhD The use of surface EMG power spectral analysis in the evaluation of back muscle function
34-3 7/1/1997   Tadashi Sumiya, MD Instantaneous centers of rotation in dorsi/plantar flexion movements of posterior-type plastic ankle-foot orthoses
34-2 6/1/1997   Brent J. Ruthenberg, MSME An experimental device for investigating the force and power requirements of a powered gait orthosis
33-3 7/1/1996   Paul K. Commean, BEE Design of a 3-D surface scanner for lower limb prosthetics: A technical note
33-1 2/1/1996   Michael L. Boninger, MD Use of bivalved ankle-foot orthosis in neuropathic foot and ankle lesions
33-1 2/1/1996   Prepared by Mary E. Cupo, BS, RKT Clinical Evaluation of the Modular Electromechanical Lock Actuator (MELA) for Above-Elbow Prostheses: A Final Report
32-3 7/1/1995   J. Lawrence Katz, PhD Biomaterials in the 21st Century?
32-3 7/1/1995   Joan E. Sanders, PhD A small and lightweight three-channel signal-conditioning unit for strain-gage transducers : A technical note
32-2 5/1/1995   Dudley S. Childress, PhD 8th World Congress of ISPO: A View
32-2 5/1/1995   Magnus Lilja, CPO, Lic Med Sci Volumetric determinations with CAD/CAM in prosthetics and orthotics: Errors measurement
32-2 5/1/1995   Stephen H. Liu, MD The effects of thigh soft-tissue stiffness on the control of anterior tibial displacement by functional knee orthoses
32-1 2/1/1995   Michael J. Rosen, PhD Design of a controlled-energy-dissipation orthosis (CEDO) for functional suppression of intention tremors
32-1 2/1/1995   Vern L. Houston, PhD, CPO The VA-Cyberware lower limb prosthetics-orthotics optical laser digitizer
32-1 2/1/1995   Robert W. Mann, Sc.D. The March of Science
31-1 1/1/1994   David A. Boone, CP Automated fabrication of mobility aids : Review of the AFMA process and VA/Seattle ShapeMaker software design
30-2 4/1/1993   Dudley S. Childress, PhD Medical/Technical Collaboration in Prosthetics Research and Development
29-4 11/1/1992   Matija Malezic Application of a programmable dual-charnel adaptive electrical stimulation system for the control and analysis of gait
29-2 5/1/1992   Madison Lyles Report on the Evaluation of the Vannini-Rizzoli Stabilizing Limb Orthosis
29-1 1/1/1992   Patrick E. Patterson, PhD Design and evaluation of a sensory feedback system that provides grasping pressure in a myolectric hand
24-3 8/1/1987   Uros Bogataj Preliminary testing of a dual-channel electrical stimulator
for correction of gait*
24-3 8/1/1987   Tali A. Conine, Dr. H. Sc., P.T. Dynamic orthoses for the management of microstomia
24-3 8/1/1987   Deborah L. Carlow, B.S.R. Static orthoses for the management of microstomia
24-2 5/1/1987   George Van B. Cochran, MD Design considerations in development of a prototype,
piezoelectric internal fixation plate: A preliminary report
23-4 11/1/1986   Woodie C. Flowers A preliminary report on the use of a practical biofeedback device for gait training of above-knee amputees*
23-4 11/1/1986   Stephen D. Cook, PhD Metallurgical analysis of five failed cast cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy hip prostheses
23-3 9/1/1986   E. Isakov, MD Biomechanical and physiological evaluation of FES-activated paraplegic patients*
23-3 9/1/1986   E. B. Marsolais, MD, PhD Implantation techniques and experience with percutaneous intramuscular electrodes in the lower extremities
17-1 4/1/1980   Avi Cohen, BS The Gait Laboratory Force Plate at the Cleveland VA Medical Center
15-2 10/1/1978   Vernon L. Nickel, MD Rehabilitative Engineering - A New Era
14-1 4/1/1977   Anthony Staros ISPO - International Key to the Future in Aiding the Handicapped