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Pain and Pain Management Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
53-1 2/23/2016 Lisa M. McAndrew, PhD Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans report symptoms consistent with chronic multisymptom illness one year after deployment
53-1 2/23/2016 Robert D. Kerns, PhD Advances in pain management for Veterans: Current
status of research and future directions
53-1 2/23/2016 Audrey N. Kusiak, PhD Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development�s Pain Portfolio
53-1 2/23/2016 Rollin M. Gallagher, MD, MPH VHA Pain Research Working Group and VHA Pain Care
53-1 2/23/2016 Erica A. Abel, PhD;1�2 Pain research using Veterans Health Administration electronic and administrative data sources
53-1 2/23/2016 Diana J. Burgess, PhD Association between pain outcomes and race and opioid treatment: Retrospective cohort study of Veterans
53-1 2/23/2016 Travis I. Lovejoy, PhD, MPH Correlates of prescription opioid therapy in Veterans with chronic pain and history of substance use disorder
53-1 2/25/2016 Evan P. Carey, MS Implementation of telementoring for pain management in Veterans Health Administration: Spatial analysis
53-1 2/23/2016 April F. Mohanty, MPH, PhD Fibromyalgia syndrome care of Iraq- and Afghanistan-deployed Veterans in Veterans Health Administration
53-1 2/24/2016 Diana M. Higgins, PhD Prevalence and correlates of painful conditions and multimorbidity in national sample of overweight/obese Veterans
53-1 2/24/2016 Jennifer L. Murphy, PhD Sex differences between Veterans participating in interdisciplinary chronic pain rehabilitation
53-1 2/24/2016 Erica Scioli-Salter, PhD Potential neurobiological benefits of exercise in chronic pain and posttraumatic stress disorder: Pilot study
53-1 2/24/2016 Sarah L. Krein, PhD, RN Opioid use and walking among patients with chronic low back pain
53-1 2/25/2016 Carol Elizabeth Fletcher, PhD, RN Perceptions of other integrative health therapies by Veterans with pain who are receiving massage
53-1 2/25/2016 William C. Becker, MD Initial development of a patient-reported instrument assessing harm, efficacy, and misuse of long-term opioid therapy
53-1 2/25/2016 Brent A. Moore, PhD Stepped care model for pain management and quality of pain care in long-term opioid therapy
53-1 2/23/2016 Samantha D. Outcalt, PhD Does comorbid chronic pain affect posttraumatic stress disorder diagnosis and treatment? Outcomes of posttraumatic stress disorder screening in Department of Veterans Affairs primary care
52-4 9/4/2015 Michael Rafferty, MRCS Cross-sectional study of alteration of phantom limb pain with visceral stimulation in military personnel with amputation
52-4 9/3/2015 Johanna C. Forst Surface electrical stimulation to evoke referred sensation
52-4 9/4/2015 Margot De Kooning, MSc Endogenous pain inhibition is unrelated to autonomic responses in acute whiplash-associated disorders
51-8 5/29/2015 Alex L. Koenig, MS Biopsychosocial functioning and pain self-efficacy in chronic low back pain patients  
51-8 5/19/2015 Kelcey J. Stratton, PhD Correlates of pain symptoms among Iraq and Afghanistan military personnel following combat-related blast exposure  
51-6 4/17/2015 Evan H. Kwong, BSc, MD, MSc Fascia—Current knowledge and future directions in physiatry: Narrative review  
51-5 4/14/2015 Mieke G. Nieuwenhuizen, MSc, PT Canadian Occupational Performance Measure performance scale: Validity and responsiveness in chronic pain  
51-4 4/9/2015 Samantha D. Outcalt, PhD Pain experience of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with comorbid chronic pain and posttraumatic stress  
51-3 4/8/2015 Erin C. Watson, MA Mixed-method approach to veteran satisfaction with pain education  
50-9 1/22/2015 David X. Cifu, MD Traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and pain diagnoses in OIF/OEF/OND Veterans  
50-9 1/22/2015 Henry L. Lew, MD, PhD National prevalence of traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and pain diagnoses in OIF/OEF/OND Veterans from 2009 to 2011  
50-6 12/19/2013 Alexander K. Ommaya, ScD Opportunities in rehabilitation research  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Elena Sarabia Cachadiña, PhD Heart rate variability and phantom pain in male amputees: Application of linear and nonlinear methods
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Karla K. Wessels, MS, ATC Sex, shoulder pain, and range of motion in manual wheelchair users
50-1 3/11/2013 At a Glance Ilke Keser, PhD, PT Comparing routine neurorehabilitation program with trunk exercises based on Bobath concept in multiple sclerosis: Pilot study
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Hemakumar Devan, Mphty Physical activity and lower-back pain in persons with traumatic transfemoral amputation: A national cross-sectional survey
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Joseph B. Webster, MD Prosthetic fitting, use, and satisfaction following lower-limb amputation: A prospective study
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Liping Qi, PhD Effect of velocity on shoulder muscle recruitment patterns during wheelchair propulsion in nondisabled individuals: Pilot study
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Winson C. C. Lee, PhD Effectiveness of adjustable dorsiflexion night splint in combination with accommodative foot orthosis on plantar fasciitis
49-7 10/24/2012 At a Glance Jennifer Romesser, PsyD Mild traumatic brain injury and pain in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom veterans
49-6 8/23/2012 At a Glance Beatriz Crespo-Ruiz, MSc Physical activity and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in men with spinal cord injury
49-5 7/18/2012 At a Glance Carri-Ann Gibson, MD, DAAPM Review of posttraumatic stress disorder and chronic pain: The path to integrated care
49-4 5/30/2012 At a Glance Tanya Z. Fischer, MD, PhD Extraterritorial temperature pain threshold abnormalities in subjects with healed thermal injury
49-2 4/4/2012 At a Glance Niamh A. Moloney, MSc Reliability of thermal quantitative sensory testing: A systematic review
49-2 4/19/2012 At a Glance Bo Geng, MSc Evaluation of sensation evoked by electrocutaneous stimulation on forearm in nondisabled subjects
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Yasmin Garcia-Mendez, BS Dynamic stiffness and transmissibility of commercially available wheelchair cushions using a laboratory test method
48-9 11/21/2011 At a Glance Lauren M. Denneson, PhD Complementary and alternative medicine use among veterans with chronic noncancer pain
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT Kinematic analysis of symmetric axial trunk rotation on dominant hip
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Andrew S. Dunn, DC, MS, MEd Retrospective case series of clinical outcomes associated with chiropractic management for veterans with low back pain
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Lorraine R. Buis, PhD Physical activity in postdeployment Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom veterans using Department of Veterans Affairs services
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Isaline C. J. M. Eyssen, MSc, OT Responsiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Andrew S. Dunn, DC, Med, MS Preliminary analysis of posttraumatic stress disorder screening within specialty clinic setting for OIF/OEF veterans seeking care for neck or back pain
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Jessica Van Oosterwijck, MS Pain neurophysiology education improves cognitions, pain thresholds, and movement performance in people with chronic whiplash: A pilot study
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Kathleen E. Yancosek, PhD, OTR/L, CHT Stability of handwriting performance following injury-induced hand-dominance transfer in adults:
A pilot study
47-9 12/7/2010 At a Glance Herman Mun Cheung Lau, PgD, Mphil Measurement of craniovertebral angle with Electronic Head Posture Instrument: Criterion validity
47-9 12/7/2010 At a Glance Adam T. Hirsh, PhD Symptom burden in individuals with cerebral palsy
47-7 10/19/2010 At a Glance Shuping Xiong, PhD An indentation apparatus for evaluating discomfort and pain thresholds in conjunction with mechanical properties of foot tissue in vivo
47-6 9/3/2010 At a Glance Nicole A. Wilson, PhD Effect of bracing on dynamic patellofemoral contact mechanics
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Joline C. Bosmans, PhD Survival of participating and nonparticipating limb amputees in prospective study: Consequences for research
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Thomas Schmalz, PhD Analysis of biomechanical effectiveness of valgus-inducing knee brace for osteoarthritis of knee
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Colonel Paul F. Pasquina, MD DOD paradigm shift in care of servicemembers with major limb loss
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Gayle E. Reiber, PhD, MPH VA paradigm shift in care of veterans with limb loss
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Gayle E. Reiber, PhD, MPH Expert Panel recommendations-Based on research and deliberations from VA HSR&D project "Impact of the DOD paradigm shift on VA amputee prosthetic care"
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Justin Z. Laferrier, MSPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, ATP Wheeled mobility: Factors influencing mobility and assistive technology in veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam war and OIF/OEF conflicts
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Gary M. Berke, MS, CP, FAAOP Comparison of satisfaction with current prosthetic care in veterans and servicemembers from Vietnam and OIF/OEF conflicts with major traumatic limb loss
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Charles Maynard, PhD Department of Veterans Affairs compensation and medical care benefits accorded to veterans
with major limb loss
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Richard A. Epstein, PhD Quality of life for veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam and OIF/OEF conflicts
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Paul J. Dougherty, MD Multiple traumatic limb loss: A comparison of Vietnam veterans to OIF/OEF servicemembers
47-2 4/15/2010 At a Glance Tae-Ro Lee, PhD Spectral and entropy changes for back muscle fatigability following spinal stabilization exercises
46-9 3/12/2010   Robert L. Ruff, MD, PhD Improving sleep: Initial headache treatment in OIF/OEF veterans with blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury
46-8 1/26/2010   Nicolaas I. Bohnen, MD, PhD Age-associated striatal dopaminergic denervation and falls in community-dwelling subjects
46-8 1/26/2010   Yannis Dionyssiotis, MD, PhD Influence of neurological level of injury in bones, muscles, and fat in paraplegia
46-7 12/30/2009   James Behr, MD Pain and pain-related interference in adults with lower-limb amputation: Comparison of knee-disarticulation, transtibial, and transfemoral surgical sites
46-6 11/23/2009   Joel Kupersmith, MD Traumatic brain injury research state-of-the-art conference
46-6 11/23/2009   Joshua D. Halbauer, MD Neuropsychiatric diagnosis and management of chronic sequelae of war-related mild to moderate traumatic brain injury
46-5 11/23/2009   Henry L. Lew, MD, PhD Prevalence of chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, and persistent postconcussive symptoms in OIF/OEF veterans: Polytrauma clinical triad
46-3 1/1/2009   Todd E. Burdette, MD Early delayed amputation: A paradigm shift in the limb-salvage time line for patients with major upper-limb injury
46-1 1/1/2009   Eva G. Widerstrm-Noga, DDS, PhD Relationship between pain characteristics and pain adaptation type in persons with SCI
46-1 1/1/2009   Robert P. Yezierski, PhD Spinal cord injury pain: Spinal and supraspinal mechanisms
46-1 1/1/2009   Eva G. Widerstrm-Noga, DDS, PhD Pain: A multidimensional problem of national priority
46-1 1/1/2009   Eva G. Widerstrm-Noga, DDS, PhD Biopsychosocial perspective on a mechanisms-based approach to assessment and treatment of pain following spinal cord injury
46-1 1/1/2009   Marcel Dijkers, PhD, FACRM Prevalence of chronic pain after traumaticspinal cord injury: A systematic review
46-1 1/1/2009   Ivan R. Molton, PhD Psychosocial factors and adjustment to chronic pain in spinal cord injury: Replication and cross-validation
46-1 1/1/2009   Mary J. Eaton, PhD Clinical feasibility for cell therapy using humanneuronal cell line to treat neuropathic behavioral hypersensitivity following spinal cord injury in rats
46-1 1/1/2009   Cecilia Norrbrink, RPT, PhD Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulationfor treatment of spinal cord injury neuropathic pain
46-1 1/1/2009   Elizabeth R. Felix, PhD Reliability and validity of quantitative sensory testing in persons with spinal cord injury and neuropathic pain
46-1 1/1/2009   Andrew M. Tan, PhD Early microglial inhibition preemptively mitigates chronic pain development after experimental spinal cord injury
46-1 1/1/2009   Aldric Hama, PhD Sustained antinociceptive effect of cannabinoidreceptor agonist WIN 55,212-2 over time in rat model of neuropathic spinal cord injury pain
46-1 1/1/2009   Kathryn Nicholson Perry, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons) Psychological characteristics of people with spinal cord injury-related persisting pain referred to a tertiary pain management center
45-9 1/1/2008   Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT Gender differences in spectral and entropic measures of erector spinae muscle fatigue
45-9 1/1/2008   Sara P. Gombatto, PhD, PT Validity and reliability of a system to measure passive tissue characteristics of the lumbar region during trunk lateral bending in people with and people without low back pain
45-7 1/1/2008   Robert L. Ruff, MD, PhD Headaches among Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom veterans with mild traumatic brain injury associated with exposures to explosions
45-6 1/1/2008   Philip M. Ullrich, PhD Pain among veterans with spinal cord injury
45-1 1/1/2008   Gadamali Talebi, MSc Effect of anodal and cathodal microamperage direct current electrical stimulation on injury potential and wound size in guinea pigs
45-1 1/1/2008   Robert Gailey, PhD, PT Review of secondary physical conditions associated with lower-limb amputation and long-term prosthesis use
44-5 1/1/2007   Elizabeth Roy Felix, PhD Chronic pain after spinal cord injury: What characteristics make some
pains more disturbing than others?
44-5 1/1/2007   Mark D. Bishop, PT, PhD Influence of pain and depression on fear of falling, mobility, and balance
in older male veterans
44-4 1/1/2007   Paul S. Sung, PhD, DHSc, PT Comparison of spectral and entropic measures for surface electromyography
time series: A pilot study
44-2 1/1/2007   Michael E. Clark, PhD Pain and combat injuries in soldiers returning from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom: Implications for research and practice
44-2 1/1/2007   Gabriel Tan, PhD, ABPP Efficacy of selected complementary and alternative medicine interventions for chronic pain
44-2 1/1/2007   Ronald J. Gironda, PhD Preliminary evaluation of the reliability and criterion validity of Actiwatch-Score
44-2 1/1/2007   Cherie L. Villano, PsyD Prevalence and correlates of posttraumatic stress disorder and chronic severe pain in psychiatric outpatients
44-2 1/1/2007   Martha D. Buffum, DNSc, APRN, BC, CS Cognitive impairment and pain management: Review of issues and challenges
44-2 1/1/2007   Victor T. Chang, MD Pain and palliative medicine
44-2 1/1/2007   Martha D. Buffum, DNSc, APRN, BC, CS Moving to new settings: Pilot study of families perceptions of professional caregivers pain management in persons with dementia
44-2 1/1/2007   Jillian C. Shipherd, PhD Posttraumatic stress disorder treatment-seeking veterans: What about comorbid chronic pain?
44-1 1/1/2007   Robert L. Ruff, MD, PhD Directed rehabilitation reduces pain and depression while increasing independence and satisfaction with life for patients with paraplegia due
to epidural metastatic spinal cord compressi
43-4 7/1/2006   Gabriel Tan, PhD, ABPP Using cranial electrotherapy stimulation to treat pain associated with spinal cord injury
43-4 7/1/2006   Meika A. Fang, MD Effects of footwear on medial compartment knee osteoarthritis
43-4 7/1/2006   Gabriel Tan, PhD, ABPP Are patient ratings of chronic pain services related to treatment outcome?
43-4 7/1/2006   Hiroshi Muneshige, MD, PhD (deceased) Antinociceptive effect of linear polarized 0.6 to 1.6 ?m irradiation of lumbar sympathetic ganglia in chronic constriction injury rats
43-4 7/1/2006   David X. Cifu, MD Caregiver distress in parkinsonism
42-5 9/1/2005   Douglas G. Smith, MD Efficacy of gabapentin in treating chronic phantom limb and residual limb pain
42-5 9/1/2005   Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, MSPH Chronicity of pain associated with spinal cord injury: A longitudinal analysis
42-5 9/1/2005   Diana H. Rintala, PhD Prevalence and characteristics of chronic pain in veterans with spinal cord injury
42-3s 3/1/2005   Bonita J. Sawatzky, PhD Prevalence of shoulder pain in adult- versus childhood-onset wheelchair users: A pilot study
42-3s 3/1/2005   Michael L. Boninger, MD Pushrim biomechanics and injury prevention in spinal cord injury: Recommendations based on CULP-SCI investigations
42-2 3/1/2005   Karen Friel, PT, DHS Physical and functional measures related to low back pain in individuals with lower-limb amputation: An exploratory pilot study
42-2 3/1/2005   Raymond Y. W. Lee, PhD Bending stiffness of the lumbar spine subjected to posteroanterior manipulative force
42-2 3/1/2005   Martin D. Hoffman, MD Experimentally induced pain perception is acutely reduced by aerobic exercise in people with chronic low back pain
42-2 3/1/2005   Christian Larivire, PhD Electromyographic activity imbalances between contralateral back muscles: An assessment of measurement properties
41-4 7/1/2004   Deed E. Harrison, DC Conservative methods for reducing lateral translation postures of the head: A nonrandomized clinical control trial
41-4 7/1/2004   Kim L. Coleman, MS Quantification of prosthetic outcomes: Elastomeric gel liner with locking pin suspension versus polyethylene foam liner with neoprene sleeve suspension
41-4 7/1/2004   Kim L. Bennell, PhD Is the Human Activity Profile a useful measure in people with knee osteoarthritis?
41-3B 5/1/2004   Margaret A. Finley, PhD, PT Prevalence and identification of shoulder pathology in athletic and nonathletic wheelchair users with shoulder pain: A pilot study
41-2 3/1/2004   Nicholas J. Giori, MD, PhD Load-shifting brace treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee: A minimum 2 1/2-year follow-up study
41-1 1/1/2004   Diana H. Rintala, PhD Predicting consistency of pain over a 10-year period in persons with spinal cord injury
40-6 11/1/2003   Susan Robinson-Whelen, PhD Informal care providers for veterans with SCI: Who are they
and how are they doing?
40-5 9/1/2003   Robert D. Kerns, PhD Clinical research as a foundation for Veterans Health Administration Pain Management Strategy
40-5 9/1/2003   Robert D. Kerns, PhD Veterans' reports of pain and associations with ratings of health, health-risk behaviors, affective distress, and use of the healthcare system
40-5 9/1/2003   Michael E. Clark, PhD Development and validation of the Pain Outcomes Questionnaire-VA
40-5 9/1/2003   John D. Otis, PhD An examination of the relationship between chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder
40-4s 7/1/2003   Mary Eaton, PhD Common animal models for spasticity and pain
40-1 1/1/2003   Malcolm MacLachlan, PhD Psychological correlates of illusory body experiences
39-6 11/1/2002   Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, ATP Shoulder kinematics and kinetics during two speeds of wheelchair propulsion
39-3s 5/1/2002   Joseph Czerniecki, MD Presentation highlights: Patient perspectives
39-3 5/1/2002   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Filter frequency selection for manual wheelchair biomechanics
39-2 3/1/2002   Robert D. Kerns, PhD Pain in multiple sclerosis: A biopsychosocial perspective
39-1 1/1/2002   James S. Walter, PhD A database of self-reported secondary medical problems among VA spinal cord injury patients: Its role in clinical care and management
38-4 7/1/2001   Michael L. Boninger, MD Shoulder imaging abnormalities in individuals with paraplegia
37-5 9/1/2000   Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD Voltage-gated sodium channels and the molecular pathogenesis of pain: A review
37-5 9/1/2000   Ulrika berg, PT, PhD Functional outcome after high tibial osteotomy: A study using individual goal achievement as primary outcome variable
37-5 9/1/2000   L. Vogt, MS Lumbar corsets: their effect on three-dimensional kinematics of the pelvis
36-2 4/1/1999   Richard A. Sherman, PhD Utilization of prostheses among US veterans with traumatic amputation: A pilot survey
35-2 6/1/1998   Kevin M. Kelly, BA The Relationship Between Gait Parameters and Pain in Persons
with Transtibial Amputation : A Preliminary Report
35-1 1/1/1998   Judith B. Kosasih, MD Sensory Changes in Adults with Unilateral Transtibial
34-4 10/1/1997   James Rainville, MD Decreasing disability in chronic back pain through aggressive spine rehabilitation
34-4 10/1/1997   Steven L. Wolf, PhD, FAPTA Electrokinesiologic measurement of trunk sagittal mobility and lumbar erector spinae muscle activity
34-4 10/1/1997   Serge H. Roy, ScD, PT Classification of back muscle impairment based on the surface
electromyographic signal
34-4 10/1/1997   Mary T. Moffroid, PhD, PT Endurance of trunk muscles in persons with chronic low back pain : Assessment, performance, training
34-4 10/1/1997   Lars I. E. Oddsson, DrMedSci Development of new protocols and analysis procedures for the assessment of LBP by surface EMG techniques
34-4 10/1/1997   Anne F. Mannion, PhD The use of surface EMG power spectral analysis in the evaluation of back muscle function
34-4 10/1/1997   Kenneth J. Harwood, MA, PT Low back pain assessment training of industry-based physicians
34-4 10/1/1997   Carlo J. De Luca, PhD Low Back Pain : A Major Problum with Low Priority
34-4 10/1/1997   Gunnar B. J. Andersson, MD, PhD Guest Editorial
34-4 10/1/1997   John J. Triano, MA, DC Use of chiropractic manipulation in lumbar rehabilitation
34-2 6/1/1997   Betty S. Troy, MS An analysis of work postures on manual wheelchair users in the office environment
31-3 8/1/1994   Andrew M. Elizaga, MD Continuous regional analgesia by intraneural block : Effect on postoperative opioid requirements and phantom limb pain following amputation
30-4 10/1/1993   Bok Y. Lee, MD Distal thigh/arm index as a predictor of success for lumbar sympathectomy
29-4 11/1/1992   Joan E. Sanders, PhD Interface shear stresses during arnbulation with a below-knee prosthetic limb
25-2 5/1/1988   Richard A. Sherman Phantom pain: A lesson in the necessity for careful clinical
research on chronic pain problems