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Telemedicine Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
52-3 7/30/2015 Charles E. Levy, MD Effects of physical therapy delivery via home video telerehabilitation on functional and health???related quality of life outcomes  
51-9 6/1/2015 Kok Kiong Tan, PhD Development of telerehabilitation application with designated consultation categories  
51-5 4/16/2015 Kok Kiong Tan, PhD;1 Extraction of spatial information for low-bandwidth telerehabilitation applications  
51-5 4/13/2015 Peter G. Jacobs, PhD New Opportunities and Challenges for Teleaudiology Within Department of Veterans Affairs  
51-1 3/23/2015 Bree Holtz, PhD Comparison of Veteran experiences of low-cost, home-based diet and exercise interventions  
51-1 3/20/2015 Tzong-Ming Wu, PhD Biomechanical study of upper-limb exoskeleton for resistance training with three-dimensional motion analysis system  
51-1 2/13/2015 Brian J. Hafner, PhD Considerations for development of sensing and monitoring tools to facilitate treatment and care of persons with lower-limb loss: A review  
50-6 12/19/2013 Alexander K. Ommaya, ScD Opportunities in rehabilitation research  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-5 11/7/2013 At a Glance Trevor G. Russell, PhD Internet-based physical assessment of people with Parkinson disease is accurate and reliable: A pilot study
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Frances McClellan, RN, MSN Guest Editorial: Developing a system of care for ALS patients at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, Spinal Cord Injury Division
49-9 1/7/2013 At a Glance Jonathan Myers, PhD Effects of customized risk reduction program on cardiovascular risk in males with spinal cord injury
49-9 1/7/2013 At a Glance David A. Ganz, MD, PhD Can structured data fields accurately measure quality of care? The example of falls
49-8 12/11/2012 At a Glance Joan E. Sanders, PhD Device to monitor sock use in people using prosthetic limbs: Technical report
49-8 12/11/2012 At a Glance S. Lehrl, PhD Advancement of physical process by mental activation: A prospective controlled study
49-8 12/11/2012 At a Glance Benjamin W. Van Voorhees, MD, MPH Pilot study of Internet-based early intervention for combat-related mental distress
49-7 10/24/2012 At a Glance James A. Henry, PhD Pilot study to develop telehealth tinnitus management for persons with and without traumatic brain injury
49-4 5/30/2012 At a Glance Leigh A. Hale, PhD Participant perceptions of use of CyWee Z as adjunct to rehabilitation of upper-limb function following stroke
49-3 4/26/2012 At a Glance Alyson J. Littman, PhD, MPH Preventive services in veterans in relation to disability
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Matthew J. D. Taylor, PhD Activity-promoting gaming systems in exercise and rehabilitation
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Jan Jasiewicz, PhD Smart rehabilitation for the 21st century: The Tampa Smart Home for veterans with traumatic brain injury
48-4 5/23/2011 At a Glance Joseph Hidler, PhD The road ahead for rehabilitation robotics
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Jonathan S. Akins Interface shear and pressure characteristics of wheelchair seat cushions
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Darcey D. Terris, PhD Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance M. Kristi Henzel, MD, PhD Pressure ulcer management and research priorities for patients with spinal cord injury: Consensus opinion from SCI QUERI Expert Panel on Pressure Ulcer Research Implementation
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Kath M. Bogie, DPhil Evidence-based practice in wound care: Toward addressing our knowledge gaps
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Richard M. Schein, PhD Telerehabilitation assessment using the Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair-Capacity instrument
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Nancy D. Harada, PhD Feasibility study of home telerehabilitation for physically inactive veterans
47-3 5/6/2010 At a Glance Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, MPT Regenerative rehabilitation: A call to action
46-5 10/13/2009   Huanguang Jia, PhD, MPH Long-term effect of home telehealth services on preventable hospitalization use
45-9 1/1/2008   Joseph Finkelstein, MD, PhD Home-based physical telerehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis: A pilot study
44-5 1/1/2007   Susan E. Palsbo, PhD Televideo assessment using Functional Reach Test and European Stroke Scale
44-4 1/1/2007   Mark D. Geil, PhD Consistency, precision, and accuracy of optical and electromagnetic
shape-capturing systems for digital measurement of residual-limb
anthropometrics of persons with transtibial amputatio
44-2 1/1/2007   Gabriel Tan, PhD, ABPP Efficacy of selected complementary and alternative medicine interventions for chronic pain
44-2 1/1/2007   Ronald J. Gironda, PhD Preliminary evaluation of the reliability and criterion validity of Actiwatch-Score
43-6 9/1/2007   Paul R. Conlin, MD Nonmydriatic teleretinal imaging improves adherence to annual eye examinations in patients with diabetes
43-6 9/1/2007   Paul R. Conlin, MD Framework for a national teleretinal imaging program to screen for diabetic retinopathy in Veterans Health Administration patients
43-5 8/1/2006   Craig R. Carignan, ScD Telerehabilitation robotics: Bright lights, big future?
43-4 7/1/2006   Adam Darkins, MD, MPHM, FRCS Changing the location of care: Management of patients with chronic conditions in Veterans Health Administration using care coordination/home telehealth
43-3 5/1/2006   Peter S. Lum, PhD A telerehabilitation approach to delivery of constraint-induced movement therapy
43-2 3/1/2006   Jong Bae Kim, MS Development of a remote accessibility assessment system through three-dimensional reconstruction technology
43-2 3/1/2006   Helen Hoenig, MD Development of a teletechnology protocol for in-home rehabilitation
42-2 3/1/2005   John W. Piefer Guest Editorial: Mobile wireless technologies for rehabilitation and independence
41-3B 5/1/2004   Diana H. Rintala, PhD Telerehabilitation for veterans with a lower-limb amputation or ulcer: Technical acceptability of data
40-3 5/1/2003   Michael Hatzakis, Jr., MD Telemedicine and the delivery of health services to veterans with multiple sclerosis
38-1 1/1/2001   Lisa Wynn Boyette, Med Development of an exercise expert system for older adults
36-4 10/1/1999   Gregg C. Vanderheiden, PhD Impact of digital miniaturization and networked topologies on access to next generation telecommunication by people with visual disabilities
26-3 9/1/1989   Sanford G. Meek, PhD Extended physiologic taction : Design and evaluation of a proportional force feedback system
17-2 10/1/1980   M. Patricia Murray, PhD Gait Patterns of Above-Knee Amputees Using Constant Friction Knee Components
17-2 10/1/1980   Herman J. Woltring, PhD Optoelectric (Selspot) Gait Measurement in Two- & Three-Dimensional Space - A Preliminary Report
17-2 10/1/1980   Robert P. Patterson, PhD Pressure and Temperature Patterns under the Ischial Tuberosities
17-1 4/1/1980   George van B. Cochran, MD, ScD Development of Test Methods for Evaluation of Wheelchair Cushions
17-1 4/1/1980   Thomas W. Starr, BS, ME A Computerized Device for the Volumetric Analysis of the Residual Limbs of Amputees
17-1 4/1/1980   Teun van Pijkeren A New Method for the Measurement of Normal Pressure between Amputation Residual Limb and Socket
16-2 10/1/1979   Jacques Guittet The Spartacus Telethesis: Manipulator Control Studies
16-2 10/1/1979   Kevin Corker, MA A Preliminary Evaluation of Remote Medical Manipulators
15-1 4/1/1978   Jeanette F. Kissinger, RN, BS Edge Light: A New Approach to Studying the Microvascularization of the Skin
15-1 4/1/1978   Gunilla Wannstedt, LPT Clinical Evaluation of a Sensory Feedback Device: The Limb Load Monitor
14-2 10/1/1977   Ernest M. Burgess, MD A Proposed Technique for the Postoperative Monitoring of Skin Tension in Below-Knee Amputees
14-2 10/1/1977   Ernest M. Burgess, MD Controlled Environment Treatment for Limb Surgery and Trauma (A Preliminary Report)