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Vascular Disease Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
51-4 4/13/2015 Thomas A. W. Paulson, MSc Inflammation-mediating cytokine response to acute handcycling exercise with/without functional electrical stimulation-evoked lower-limb cycling  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Deepan C. Kamaraj, MD Acute mountain sickness in athletes with neurological impairments
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Joseph B. Webster, MD Prosthetic fitting, use, and satisfaction following lower-limb amputation: A prospective study
49-9 1/7/2013 At a Glance Jonathan Myers, PhD Effects of customized risk reduction program on cardiovascular risk in males with spinal cord injury
49-8 12/11/2012 At a Glance David Rusaw, PhD Can vibratory feedback be used to improve postural stability in persons with transtibial limb loss?
49-6 8/23/2012 At a Glance Beatriz Crespo-Ruiz, MSc Physical activity and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in men with spinal cord injury
49-6 8/23/2012 At a Glance Judith E. Allgrove, PhD Immunoendocrine responses of male spinal cord injured athletes to 1-hour self-paced exercise: Pilot study
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Ajay P. Gautam, MPT Effect of home-based exercise program on lymphedema and quality of life in female postmastectomy patients:Pre-post intervention study
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Jonathan S. Akins Interface shear and pressure characteristics of wheelchair seat cushions
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Darcey D. Terris, PhD Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries
48-3 3/22/2011 At a Glance Mohammad Reza Asadi, MSc Effect of sensory and motor electrical stimulation in vascular endothelial growth factor expression of muscle and skin in full-thickness wound
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Michael P. Dillon, PhD, BPO(Hons) Effect of prosthetic design on center of pressure excursion in partial foot prostheses
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Kathleen E. Yancosek, PhD, OTR/L, CHT Stability of handwriting performance following injury-induced hand-dominance transfer in adults:
A pilot study
47-8 10/26/2010 At a Glance Michael J. Fischer, MD, MSPH Validation of erythropoietin use data on Medicare's End-Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Joline C. Bosmans, PhD Survival of participating and nonparticipating limb amputees in prospective study: Consequences for research
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Gary M. Berke, MS, CP, FAAOP Comparison of satisfaction with current prosthetic care in veterans and servicemembers from Vietnam and OIF/OEF conflicts with major traumatic limb loss
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Barbara J. Sigford, MD, PhD Paradigm shift for VA amputation care
47-3 5/6/2010 At a Glance Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, MPT Regenerative rehabilitation: A call to action
47-2 4/15/2010 At a Glance Sahar Moghimi, MS Quantitative assessment of pressure sore generation and healing through numerical analysis of high-frequency ultrasound images
47-1 3/22/2010 At a Glance John A. Russell, MS Iontophoretic delivery of nitric oxide donor improves local skin flap viability
47-1 3/22/2010 At a Glance Jaap J. van Netten, MSc Use and usability of custom-made orthopedic shoes
46-9 3/12/2010   Kelly M. Bui, MD Skin problems in individuals with lower-limb loss: Literature review and proposed classification system
46-9 3/12/2010   Mohammad Bayat, PhD Effect of He-Ne laser radiation on healing of osteochondral defect in rabbit: A histological study
46-9 3/12/2010   Daniel Possley, DO Relationship between depression and functional measures in overweight and obese persons with osteoarthritis of the knee
46-5 10/13/2009   Marilyn L. Moy, MD, MSc Multivariate models of determinants of health-related quality of life in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
46-4 1/1/2009   Ali Ezzati, MD Low-level laser therapy with pulsed infrared laser accelerates third-degree burn healing process in rats
46-4 1/1/2009   Andrew Y. Zhang, MD Tissue-engineered intrasynovial tendons: Optimization of acellularization and seeding
44-4 1/1/2007   Jonathan Myers, PhD Reproducibility of noninvasive cardiac output during arm exercise in
spinal cord injury
44-1 1/1/2007   Andrei V. Krassioukov, MD, PhD Assessment of autonomic dysfunction following spinal cord injury: Rationale for additions to International Standards for Neurological Assessment
43-7 11/1/2006   Yagesh Bhambhani, PhD Reliability of near-infrared spectroscopy measures of cerebral
oxygenation and blood volume during handgrip exercise in nondisabled
and traumatic brain-injured subjects
43-4 7/1/2006   Karen L. Perell, PhD, RKT Location of plantar ulcerations in diabetic patients referred to a Department of Veterans Affairs podiatry clinic
42-5 9/1/2005   Amy M. Hayes, PT, MS Heart rate as a predictor of energy expenditure in people with spinal
cord injury
42-4 7/1/2005   Jack A. Loeppky, PhD Effects of ischemic training on leg exercise endurance
41-6 11/1/2004   Mary Jo Geyer, PhD, PT Using wavelet analysis to characterize the thermoregulatory mechanisms of sacral skin blood flow
41-4 7/1/2004   Celine Christine Grange, MS Perceived exertion and rehabilitation with arm crank in elderly patients after total hip arthroplasty: A preliminary study
40-3 5/1/2003   Miriam Noble, BN A comparison of cutaneous vascular responses to transient pressure loading in smokers and nonsmokers
40-1 1/1/2003   Incio Teixeira da Cunha-Filho PT, PhD Reliability of measures of gait performance and oxygen consumption with stroke survivors
40-1 1/1/2003   Junko Niitsuma, MS Experimental study of decubitus ulcer formation in the rabbit ear lobe
39-3s 5/1/2002   Robert Myers, PhD Presentation highlights: Osseointegration
38-3 5/1/2001   Jennifer A. Mayfield, MD, MPH Survival following lower-limb amputation in a veteran population
38-3 5/1/2001   Jennifer A. Mayfield, MD, MPH Trends in peripheral vascular procedures in the Veterans Health Administration, 1989-1998
37-5 9/1/2000   Ahmed S. Elokda, MA, PT Effect of functional neuromuscular stimulation on postural related orthostatic stress in individuals with acute spinal cord injury
37-4 7/1/2000   Lisa Finklea, Assistant Analyst Commending Ernest M. Burgess, MD, PhD with Senate Resolution 278 For His Unwavering Global Service to Prosthetics Medicine
34-3 7/1/1997   Roger M. Glaser, PhD, FACSM An Evolution of Exercise Physiolof Exercise on Functional Independence with Aging and Physical Disabilities
33-2 4/1/1996   Pierre Grandjean, MS Dynamic myoplasty: Surgical transfer and stimulation of skeletal muscle for functional substitution or enhancement
32-2 5/1/1995   Satoshi Ueda, M.D. Rehabilitation Research and Development in Physical Medicine in Japan : A Historical and State-of-the-Art Review
31-4 11/1/1994   W. Edwin Langbein, PhD Initial clinical evaluation of a wheelchair ergometer for diagnostic exercise testing : A technical note
27-4 11/1/1990   Thay Q. Lee, MS Potential application of photoplethysmography technique in evaluating microcirculatory status of STAMP patients: Preliminary report
27-2 6/1/1990   Bennett G. Edwards, PhD, RKT Metabolic responses to arm ergometry and functional neuromuscular stimulation
26-4 11/1/1989   Dr. Lue H. V. van der Woude Seat height in handrim wheelchair propulsion
26-3 9/1/1989   John J. Holewski, DPM Prevalence of foot pathology and lower extremity complications in a diabetic outpatient clinic
24-3 8/1/1987   Bok Y. Lee, MD, F.A.C.S. Effect of lumbar sympathectomy on muscle blood flow: Distribution of perfusion measured by hydrogen clearance in skeletal muscle
16-1 4/1/1979   Lawrence B. Hobson, MD, PhD Amputation as Cause of Cardiovascular Disorders