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Wheelchairs Topic Cluster List

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  Issue Date First Author Title  
52-2 7/29/2015 Lelia Barks, PhD, ARNP Development and initial validation of the Seated Posture Scale  
52-2 7/28/2015 Claire Marchiori Manual wheelchair satisfaction among long-term users and caregivers: A French study  
52-1 6/26/2015 Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD Applying ISO 16840�2 Standard to differentiate impact force dissipation characteristics of selection of commercial wheelchair cushions  
51-9 6/1/2015 Chi-Sheng Chien, MD Design and development of solar power-assisted manual/electric wheelchair  
51-9 6/1/2015 Steven W. Brose, DO Multidisciplinary approach to converting power chair into motorized prone cart  
51-9 6/1/2015 Michael Wininger, PhD Effect of interpolation on parameters extracted from seating interface pressure arrays  
51-9 6/1/2015 Sarah R. Chang, BS Understanding stand-to-sit maneuver: Implications for motor system neuroprostheses after paralysis  
51-8 5/29/2015 Ayelet Levy, MSc Computer simulations of efficacy of air-cell-based cushions in protecting against reoccurrence of pressure ulcers  
51-8 5/19/2015 Gary A. Wu, PhD Effects of conventional and alternating cushion weight-shifting in persons with spinal cord injur  
51-8 5/19/2015 John E. Ferguson, PhD Abtract - Pilot study of a strap-based custom wheelchair seating system in persons with spinal cord injury  
51-6 5/15/2015 Harshal P. Mahajan, PhD Preliminary evaluation of a variable compliance joystick for people with multiple sclerosis  
51-6 5/15/2015 Lisbeth Nilsson, PhD, OTR Assessment of learning powered mobility use�Applying grounded theory to occupational performance  
51-5 4/15/2015 Dany H. Gagnon, PT, PhD Pushrim biomechanical changes with progressive increases in slope during motorized treadmill manual wheelchair propulsion in individuals with spinal cord injury  
51-5 4/14/2015 Jicheng Fu, PhD Development of intelligent model for personalized guidance on wheelchair tilt and recline usage for people with spinal cord injury: Methodology and preliminary report  
51-5 4/14/2015 Hongwu Wang, PhD Stability analysis of electrical powered wheelchair-mounted robotic-assisted transfer device  
51-5 4/14/2015 Julie O. Murphy, BSE Feasibility of closed-loop controller for righting seated posture after spinal cord injury  
51-5 4/15/2015 Dany H. Gagnon, PT, PhD Pushrim biomechanical changes with progressive increases in slope during motorized treadmill manual wheelchair propulsion in individuals with spinal cord injury  
51-3 4/6/2015 Jeonghee Kim, MS Qualitative assessment of Tongue Drive System by people with high-level spinal cord injury  
50-9 2/23/2015 Rosalie H. Wang, BSc (OT), PhD Power mobility with collision avoidance for older adults: User, caregiver, and prescriber perspectives  
50-7 10/16/2014 Ana E. Souza, PhD, PT Evaluation of scooters using ANSI/RESNA standards  
50-6 1/16/2014 Linda M. Riek, DPT, PhD How "healthy" is circuit resistance training following paraplegia? Kinematic analysis associated with shoulder mechanical impingement risk  
50-6 12/19/2013 Alexander K. Ommaya, ScD Opportunities in rehabilitation research  
  Issue Date At a Glance First Author Title
50-5 11/7/2013 At a Glance Liping Qi, PhD Coordination patterns of shoulder muscles during level-ground and incline wheelchair propulsion
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Marco Guidali, PhD Estimating the patient�s contribution during robot-assisted therapy
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Yang-Hua Lin, PhD Bimanual gliding control for indoor power wheelchair driving
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Karla K. Wessels, MS, ATC Sex, shoulder pain, and range of motion in manual wheelchair users
50-3 5/30/2013 At a Glance Geoffroy Hubert, MSc Effect of service dogs on manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury: A pilot study
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Linda van Roosmalen, PhD Safety, usability, and independence for wheelchair-seated drivers and front-row passengers of private vehicles: A qualitative research study
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance J. P. Barfield, DA Perceived exercise benefits and barriers among power wheelchair soccer players
50-2 4/23/2013 At a Glance Frances McClellan, RN, MSN Guest Editorial: Developing a system of care for ALS patients at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, Spinal Cord Injury Division
50-1 11/30/2013 At a Glance Arun Kumar, MSc, BSc Use of powered mobile arm supports by people with neuromuscular conditions
50-1 3/11/2013 At a Glance James Hollington, MSc Can static interface pressure mapping be used to rank pressure-redistributing cushions for active wheelchair users?
49-10 3/13/2013 At a Glance Liping Qi, PhD Effect of velocity on shoulder muscle recruitment patterns during wheelchair propulsion in nondisabled individuals: Pilot study
49-6 8/23/2012 At a Glance Beatriz Crespo-Ruiz, MSc Physical activity and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in men with spinal cord injury
49-6 8/23/2012 At a Glance Zdravko Salipur, Meng Investigation of wheelchair instability during transport in large accessible transit vehicles
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Amit Kumar, MS, PT Pilot study for quantifying driving characteristics during power wheelchair soccer
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Christophe Sauret, PhD Assessment of field rolling resistance of manual wheelchairs
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Matthew R. Eicholtz, MS Test method for empirically determining inertial properties of manual wheelchairs
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Vinod Sharma, PhD Clinical evaluation of semiautonomous smart wheelchair architecture (Drive-Safe System) with visually impaired individuals
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Liping Qi, PhD Changes in surface electromyography signals and kinetics associated with progression of fatigue at two speeds during wheelchair propulsion
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Yasmin Garcia-Mendez, BS Dynamic stiffness and transmissibility of commercially available wheelchair cushions using a laboratory test method
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Rory A. Cooper, PhD Guest Editorial: Wheelchair research progress, perspectives, and transformation
49-1 2/16/2012 At a Glance Philip M. Ullrich, PhD Activity and participation after spinal cord injury: State-of-the-art report
48-10 1/9/2012 At a Glance Rory A. Cooper, PhD Guest Editorial: Paralympics and veterans
48-9 11/21/2011 At a Glance Arnaud Faupin, PhD Effects of type and mode of propulsion on hand-cycling biomechanics in nondisabled subjects
48-8 10/25/2011 At a Glance Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, RET Development of custom measurement system for biomechanical evaluation of independent wheelchair transfers
48-7 8/31/2011 At a Glance Linda van Roosmalen, PhD User evaluation of three wheelchair securement systems in large accessible transit vehicles
48-7 8/31/2011 At a Glance Rosalie H. Wang, PhD, BSc (OT) Usability testing of multimodal feedback interface and simulated collision-avoidance power wheelchair for long-termcare home residents with cognitive impairments
48-6 7/20/2011 At a Glance Randall D. Alley, CP, LP Prosthetic sockets stabilized by alternating areas of tissue compression and release
48-5 6/9/2011 At a Glance Edmund F. LoPresti, PhD Performance testing of collision-avoidance system for power wheelchairs
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Richard M. Schein, PhD Telerehabilitation assessment using the Functioning Everyday with a Wheelchair-Capacity instrument
48-2 2/11/2011 At a Glance Sandra L. Hubbard Winkler, PhD, OTR/L Medical utilization and cost outcomes for poststroke veterans who receive assistive technology devices from the Veterans Health Administration
48-1 1/14/2011 At a Glance Ted Melcer, PhD Heterotopic ossification in combat amputees from Afghanistan and Iraq wars: Five case histories and results from a small series of patients
47-9 12/7/2010 At a Glance Vinod Sharma, PhD Evaluation of semiautonomous navigation assistance system for power wheelchairs with blindfolded nondisabled individuals
47-8 10/26/2010 At a Glance Mark W. Smith, PhD Matching prosthetics order records in VA National Prosthetics Patient Database to healthcare
utilization databases
47-7 10/10/2010 At a Glance Orestes Freixes, PT Wheelchair axle position effect on start-up propulsion performance of persons with tetraplegia
47-5 8/2/2010 At a Glance Hsin-yi Liu, MS Evaluation of aluminum ultralight rigid wheelchairs versus other ultralight wheelchairs using
ANSI/RESNA standards
47-4 6/18/2010 At a Glance Justin Z. Laferrier, MSPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, ATP Wheeled mobility: Factors influencing mobility and assistive technology in veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam war and OIF/OEF conflicts
47-3 5/6/2010 At a Glance Ana Souza, MS Multiple sclerosis and mobility-related assistive technology: Systematic review of literature
47-2 4/15/2010 At a Glance Lutz Vogt, PhD Rollator use and functional outcome of geriatric rehabilitation
47-2 4/15/2010 At a Glance Zdravko Salipur, Meng Wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint loading associated with adult manual transit wheelchair in rear impact
47-1 3/22/2010 At a Glance Nogah Shabshin, MD Use of weight-bearing MRI for evaluating wheelchair cushions based on internal soft-tissue deformations under ischial tuberosities
46-7 12/30/2009   Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD Thermodynamic rigid cushion loading indenter: A buttock-shaped temperature and humidity measurement system for cushioning surfaces under anatomical compression conditions
46-7 12/30/2009   Melissa M. B. Morrow, BS Upper-limb joint kinetics expression during wheelchair propulsion
46-7 12/30/2009   Andrew M. Kwarciak, MS Evaluation of wheelchair tire rolling resistance using dynamometer-based coast-down tests
46-5 10/13/2009   Jasper Reenalda, MSc Analysis of healthy sitting behavior: Interface pressure distribution and subcutaneous tissue oxygenation
46-5 10/13/2009   Amol M. Karmarkar, PhD Prosthesis and wheelchair use in veterans with lower-limb amputation
46-4 1/1/2009   Ciaran K. Simms, PhD Rear-impact neck protection devices for adult wheelchair users
46-2 1/1/2009   Brad E. Dicianno, MD Joystick use for virtual power wheelchair drivingin individuals with tremor: Pilot study
45-9 1/1/2008   Hsin-yi Liu, BS Evaluation of titanium ultralight manual wheelchairs using ANSI/RESNA standards
45-9 1/1/2008   Sigrid N. W. Vorrink, MSc Comparison of wheelchair wheels in terms of vibration and spasticity in people with spinal cord injury
45-7 1/1/2008   Philip S. Requejo, PhD Effect of rear suspension and speed on seat forces and head accelerations experienced by manual wheelchair riders with spinal cord injury
45-7 1/1/2008   Dan Ding, PhD Usage of tilt-in-space, recline, and elevation seating functions in natural environment of wheelchair users
45-6 1/1/2008   Xueliang Huo, MS Introduction and preliminary evaluation of the Tongue Drive System: Wireless tongue-operated assistive technology for people with little orno upper-limb function
45-6 1/1/2008   Leigh Pipkin, MSPO Effect of model design, cushion construction,and interface pressure mats on interface pressure and immersion
45-6 1/1/2008   Dany Gagnon, PhD, PT Comparison of peak shoulder and elbow mechanical loads during weight-relief lifts and sitting pivottransfers among manual wheelchair users withspinal cord injury
45-4 1/1/2008   Limor Agam, MSc Toward real-time detection of deep tissue injury risk in wheelchair users using Hertz contact theory
45-1 1/1/2008   Richard C. Simpson, PhD, ATP How many people would benefit from a smart wheelchair?
45-1 1/1/2008   Andrew M. Kwarciak, MS Curb descent testing of suspension manual wheelchairs
45-1 1/1/2008   Arnaud Faupin, PhD Effects of backrest positioning and gear ratio on nondisabled subjects handcycling sprinting performance and kinematics
45-1 1/1/2008   Greg Shaw, PhD Investigation of large transit vehicle accidents and establishing appropriate protection for wheelchair riders
44-5 1/1/2007   Roger Little, MS Electronic aids for daily living
44-5 1/1/2007   Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, MPT Comparison of mobility device delivery within Department of Veterans
Affairs for individuals with multiple sclerosis versus spinal cord injury
44-4 1/1/2007   Michelle L. Tolerico, MS Assessing mobility characteristics and activity levels of manual
wheelchair users
44-4 1/1/2007   Erik Wolf, PhD Longitudinal assessment of vibrations during manual and power wheelchair
driving over select sidewalk surfaces
44-4 1/1/2007   Sandra L. Hubbard, PhD, OTR/L, ATP Distribution and cost of wheelchairs and scooters provided by Veterans
Health Administration
44-3 1/1/2007   Angeliki Perdios, MSc Effects of camber on wheeling efficiency in the experienced and inexperienced wheelchair user
44-3 1/1/2007   Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, RET Multisite comparison of wheelchair propulsion kinetics in persons with paraplegia
43-7 11/1/2006   Paul F. Pasquina, MD National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic
43-7 11/1/2006   Sandra L. Hubbard, PhD, OTR/L, ATP Demographic characteristics of veterans who received wheelchairs
and scooters from Veterans Health Administration
43-7 11/1/2006   Guillaume Desroches, BSc Effect of system tilt and seat-to-backrest angles on load sustained by shoulder during wheelchair propulsion
43-7 11/1/2006   Yves Vanlandewijck, PhD Sport science in the Paralympic movement
43-5 8/1/2006   Tariq Rahman, PhD Passive exoskeletons for assisting limb movement
43-2 3/1/2006   Jong Bae Kim, MS Development of a remote accessibility assessment system through three-dimensional reconstruction technology
43-2 3/1/2006   William B. Mortenson, BScOT, MSc Overarching principles and salient findings for inclusion in guidelines for power mobility use within residential care facilities
42-6 11/1/2005   Shirley G. Fitzgerald, PhD Issues in maintenance and repairs of wheelchairs: A pilot study
42-4 7/1/2005   Richard C. Simpson, PhD, ATP Smart wheelchairs: A literature review
42-4 7/1/2005   Hideyuki Hirose, ME, PT Development of clinical methods for measuring geometric alignment
of the thoracic and lumbar spines of wheelchair-seated persons
42-4 7/1/2005   Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, RET A kinetic analysis of manual wheelchair propulsion during start-up
on select indoor and outdoor surfaces
42-3s 3/1/2005   W. Mark Richter, PhD Low-impact wheelchair propulsion: Achievable and acceptable
42-3s 3/1/2005   Lucas H. V. van der Woude, PhD Guest Editorial: Background on the 3rd International Congress Restoration of (wheeled) mobility in SCI rehabilitation: State of the art III
42-3s 3/1/2005   Annet J. Dallmeijer, PhD Hand-rim wheelchair propulsion capacity during rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury
42-3s 3/1/2005   Michael L. Boninger, MD Pushrim biomechanics and injury prevention in spinal cord injury: Recommendations based on CULP-SCI investigations
42-3s 3/1/2005   Bonita J. Sawatzky, PhD Prevalence of shoulder pain in adult- versus childhood-onset wheelchair users: A pilot study
42-3s 3/1/2005   Olga J. E. Kilkens, PhD Relationship between manual wheelchair skill performance and participation of persons with spinal cord injuries 1 year after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation
42-3 5/1/2005   Michael Dvorznak, MS Kinematic analysis for determination of bioequivalence of a modified Hybrid III test dummy and a wheelchair user
41-6A 11/1/2004   Robert Ruff, MD, PhD They no longer stood out from the crowd, they were the crowd
41-3B 5/1/2004   Tim Storr, BSc, MSc Design features of portable wheelchair ramps and their implications
for curb and vehicle access
41-3B 5/1/2004   Richard Simpson, PhD, ATP The Smart Wheelchair Component System
41-3B 5/1/2004   Arnaud Faupin, BS The effects of rear-wheel camber on the mechanical parameters produced during the wheelchair sprinting of handibasketball athletes
41-3B 5/1/2004   Victoria Louise Goosey-Tolfrey, PhD The oxygen uptake-heart rate relationship in trained female wheelchair athletes
41-3B 5/1/2004   Brian R. Kotajarvi, MS, PT The effect of seat position on wheelchair propulsion biomechanics
41-3B 5/1/2004   Margaret A. Finley, PhD The biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion in individuals with and without upper-limb impairment
41-3B 5/1/2004   Margaret A. Finley, PhD, PT Prevalence and identification of shoulder pathology in athletic and nonathletic wheelchair users with shoulder pain: A pilot study
41-1 1/1/2004   Kersti A.M. Samuelsson, OT, PhD The effect of rear-wheel position on seating ergonomics and mobility efficiency in wheelchair users with spinal cord injuries: A pilot study
40-6 11/1/2003   Randall E. Keyser, PhD Improved upper-body endurance following a 12-week home exercise program for manual wheelchair users
40-4 7/1/2003   Greg Shaw, PhD Appropriate protection for wheelchair riders on public transit buses
40-4 7/1/2003   Rhonda K. Stanley, PhD, PT Development of a functional assessment measure for manual wheelchair users
40-4 7/1/2003   Ivonne McDowell VAs national rehabilitation special events: Therapy at its best.
40-3 5/1/2003   Sanjeev Agarwal, MD Long-term user perceptions of an implanted neuroprosthesis for exercise, standing, and transfers after spinal cord injury
40-2 3/1/2003   Gina Bertocci, PhD, PE The effects of wheelchair-seating stiffness and energy absorption on occupant frontal impact kinematics and submarining risk using computer simulation
40-1 1/1/2003   Mary M. Rodgers, PhD, PT Upper-limb fatigue-related joint power shifts in experienced wheelchair users and nonwheelchair users
39-6 11/1/2002   Thomas J. OConnor, PhD Kinetic and physiological analysis of the GAMEWheels system
39-6 11/1/2002   Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, ATP Shoulder kinematics and kinetics during two speeds of wheelchair propulsion
39-6 11/1/2002   Marc Vanderthommen, PhD A multistage field test of wheelchair users for evaluation of fitness and prediction of peak oxygen consumption
39-6 11/1/2002   Laurie A. Malone, PhD Shooting mechanics related to player classification and free throw success in wheelchair basketball
39-4 7/1/2002   Susan L. Garber, MA, OTR, FAOTA Wheelchair utilization and satisfaction following cerebral vascular accident
39-3 5/1/2002   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Filter frequency selection for manual wheelchair biomechanics
39-1 1/1/2002   Hiroyuki Nunome, MS A kinematic study of the upper-limb motion of wheelchair basketball shooting in tetraplegic adults
39-1 1/1/2002   Linda van Roosmalen, PhD Preliminary evaluation of wheelchair occupant restraint system usage in motor vehicles
39-1 1/1/2002   Margaret A. Finley, MA, PT Reliability of biomechanical variables during wheelchair ergometry testing
39-1 1/1/2002   Thomas W.J. Janssen, PhD Normative values and determinants of physical capacity in individuals with spinal cord injury
38-5 9/1/2001   Mary M. Rodgers, PhD, PT Influence of training on biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion
38-4 7/1/2001   David P. VanSickle, PhD Analysis of vibrations induced during wheelchair propulsion
38-4 7/1/2001   Goutam Mukherjee, MSc,DPt Physiological response to the ambulatory performance of hand-rim and arm-crank propulsion systems
38-4 7/1/2001   Stephen Sprigle, PhD, PT Development of uniform terminology and procedures to describe wheelchair cushion characteristics
38-4 7/1/2001   Randall E. Keyser, PhD Reliability of cardiorespiratory measurements during wheelchair ergometry
38-2 3/1/2001   Aileen R. Neilson, BSc, MSc Measuring the effects of seating on people with profound and multiple disabilities--a preliminary study
38-1 1/1/2001   Thomas W.J. Janssen, PhD, FACSM Physical capacity and race performance of handcycle users
38-1 1/1/2001   Carmen P. DiGiovine, MS Dynamic calibration of a wheelchair dynamometer
38-1 1/1/2001   Michelle B. Sabick A comparison of methods to compute the point of force application in handrim wheelchair propulsion: A technical note
37-6 11/1/2000   Stefan Hesse, MD A mechanized gait trainer for restoration of gait
37-5 9/1/2000   Gina E. Bertocci, PhD, PE Injury risk assessment of wheelchair occupant restraint systems in a frontal crash: A case for integrated restraints
37-5 9/1/2000   Douglas A. Hobson, PhD, Wheelchair transport safety--the evolving solutions
37-5 9/1/2000   Gina E Bertocci, PhD Development of frontal impact crashworthy wheelchair seating design criteria using computer simulation
37-5 9/1/2000   DongRan Ha, BS Evaluation of wheelchair back support crashworthiness: combination wheelchair back support surfaces and attachment hardware
37-5 9/1/2000   Linda van Roosmalen, MS Proposed test method for and evaluation of wheelchair seating system (WCSS) crashworthiness
37-3 5/1/2000   Linda Fehr, MS Adequacy of power wheelchair control interfaces for persons with severe disabilities: A clinical survey
37-3 5/1/2000   James J. Kauzlarich, PhD Wheelchair caster shimmy II: Damping
37-3 5/1/2000   Pascal Malassign, MID, IDSA Design of the Advanced commode-shower chair for spinal cord-injured individuals
37-3 5/1/2000   Frdric Parent, MScA Evaluation of the new flexible contour backrest for wheelchairs
37-3 5/1/2000   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Displacement between the seating surface and hybrid test dummy during transitions with a variable configuration wheelchair: A technical note
37-3 5/1/2000   Maurizio Ferrarin, DrEng, PhD Comparative biomechanical evaluation of different wheelchair seat cushions
37-3 5/1/2000   Mary M. Rodgers, PhD, PT Influence of trunk flexion on biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion
37-3 5/1/2000   Dennis R. Carter, PhD, Mechanobiology in Rehabilitation Science
37-1 1/1/2000   Derek G. Kamper, PhD A technique for quantifying the response of seated individuals to dynamic perturbations
37-1 1/1/2000   Greg Shaw, PhD Wheelchair rider risk in motor vehicles: A technical note
36-2 4/1/1999   Derek Kamper, PhD Postural stability of wheelchair users exposed to sustained, external perturbations
36-1 1/1/1999   Gina E. Bertocci, PhD Testing and evaluation of wheelchair caster assemblies subjected to dynamic crash loading
36-1 1/1/1999   David M. Brienza, PhD A steering linkage for short wheelbase vehicles: Design and evaluation in a wheelchair power base--A technical note
36-1 1/1/1999   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Augmentation of the 100 kg ISO wheelchair test dummy to accommodate higher mass: A technical note
35-4 10/1/1998   P. Gregory Shaw, PhD Retention of supportive properties by eggcrate and foam wheelchair cushions
35-3 7/1/1998   Dirk Jan H. E. J. Veeger, PhD Wrist motion in handrim wheelchair propulsion
35-2 6/1/1998   Sean D. Shimada, PhD Kinematic characterization of wheelchair propulsion
35-2 6/1/1998   Beth A. Todd, PhD Polyurethane foams : Effects of specimen size when
determining cushioning stiffness
35-1 1/1/1998   Jaime L. Davis, BA Three-dimensional kinematics of the shoulder complex during
wheelchair propulsion: A technical report
35-1 1/1/1998   Patrick Patterson, PhD, PE A neural net representation of experienced and nonexperienced
users during manual wheelchair propulsion
35-1 1/1/1998   Tommy E. T. Kang, BEng, Mphil Development of a simple approach to modify the supporting
properties of seating ham for pressure relief
34-3 7/1/1997   Lucas H. V. van der Woude, PhD Mechanical advantage in wheelchair lever propulsion : Effect on physical strain and efficiency
34-2 6/1/1997   Betty S. Troy, MS An analysis of work postures on manual wheelchair users in the office environment
34-2 6/1/1997   Douglas A. Hobson, PhD Wheelchair Transit : An Unresolved Challenge in Maturing Technology
34-2 6/1/1997   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Methods for determining three-dimensional wheelchair pushrim forces and moments : A technical note
34-1 1/1/1997   Ronald P. Gaal, BSME, PE Wheelchair rider injuries : Causes and consequences for wheelchair design and selection
33-3 7/1/1996   Edward D. Lemaire, MSc Clinical Analysis of a CAD/CAM System for Custom Seating: A Comparison with Hand-Sculpting Methods
33-3 7/1/1996   Patricia Karg, MS Development of test methodologies for determining the safety of wheelchair headrest systems during vehicle transport
33-3 7/1/1996   Yong Tai Wang, PhD An electronic device to measure drive and recovery phases during wheelchair propulsion : A technical note
33-3 7/1/1996   Gina Bertocci, PE, MSME Shoulder belt anchor location influences on wheelchair occupant crash protection
33-1 2/1/1996   Maureen Linden, MS Development of instrumentation and protocol to measure the dynamic environment of a modified van
33-1 2/1/1996   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Life-Cycle Analysis of Depot versus Rehabilitation Manual Wheelchairs
32-4 10/1/1995   R. Lee Kirby, MD Wheelchair stability : Effect of body position
32-3 7/1/1995   J. David Baldwin, PhD Strain-based fatigue analysis of wheelchairs on a double roller fatigue machine
32-3 7/1/1995   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Power wheelchair range testing and energy consumption during fatigue testing
32-3 7/1/1995   James M. Ford, BS, MA, KT Ultrasonic Head Controller for Powered Wheelchairs
31-4 11/1/1994   W. Edwin Langbein, PhD Initial clinical evaluation of a wheelchair ergometer for diagnostic exercise testing : A technical note
31-4 11/1/1994   Barnaby A. Perks, BSc, MSc A survey of marginal wheelchair users
31-4 11/1/1994   Pierre-Louis Bernard, PhD Balance and stabilization capability paraplegic wheelchair athletes
31-3 8/1/1994   Sergey F. Kurdibaylo MD Cardiorespiratory status and movement capabilities in adults with limb amputation
31-2 5/1/1994   Kenneth D. Coutts, PhD Drag and sprint performance of wheelchair basketball players
31-2 5/1/1994   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Evaluation of methods for determining rearward static stability of manual wheelchairs
31-2 5/1/1994   Michael Hofstad, MS Modelling the propulsion characteristics of a standard wheelchair
31-2 5/1/1994   Annet J. Dallmeijer, MSc Anaerobic power output and propulsion technique in spinal cord injured subjects during wheelchair ergometry
31-2 5/1/1994   Beth A. Todd, PhD Three-dimensional computer model of the human buttocks, in vivo
30-4 10/1/1993   W. Edwin Langbein, PhD Research Device to Preproduction Prototype: A Chronology
30-2 4/1/1993   J. David Baldwin, MS Characterization of the dynamic stress response of manual and powered wheelchair frames
30-2 4/1/1993   Michael S. MacLeish, MS Design of a composite monocoque frame racing wheelchair
29-3 9/1/1992   Louise C. Masse Biomechanical analysis of wheelchair propulsion for various seating positions
29-3 9/1/1992   Rory A. Cooper, PhD The contribution of selected anthropometric and physiological variables to 10K performance of wheelchair racers: A preliminary study
29-2 5/1/1992   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Racing wheelchair roll stability while turning: A simple model
29-1 1/1/1992   Hiroo Wakaumi, Beng Development of an automated wheelchair guided by a magnetic ferrite marker lane
28-4 11/1/1991   Paul Gilsdorf, BS Thirty-minute continuous sitting force measurements with different support surfaces in the spinal cord injured and able-bodied
28-3 9/1/1991   Kenneth D. Coutts, PhD Dynamic characteristics of a sport wheelchair
28-3 9/1/1991   Edward D. Lemaire, MSc A technique for the determination of center of gravity and rolling resistance for tilt-seat wheelchairs
27-3 6/1/1990   Rory A. Cooper, PhD Wheelchair racing sports science: A review
27-3 6/1/1990   Paul Gilsdorf, BS Sitting forces and wheelchair mechanics
27-2 6/1/1990   Rory A. Cooper, PhD A systems approach to the modeling of racing wheelchair propulsion
27-2 6/1/1990   James J. Kauzlarich, PhD Wheelchair batteries II: Capacity, sizing, and life
27-2 6/1/1990   D.L. Bader, PhD The recovery characteristics of soft tissues following repeated loading
27-1 1/1/1990   Kenneth D. Coutts, PhD Kinematics of sport wheelchair propulsion
27-1 1/1/1990   R. Lee Kirby, MD Preventing occupied wheelchairs from falling down stairs
26-4 11/1/1989   Marc St-Georges, Eng, MScA Computer-aided design in wheelchair seating
26-4 11/1/1989   Dr. Lue H. V. van der Woude Seat height in handrim wheelchair propulsion
26-2 5/1/1989   Dirkjan (H.E.J.) Veeger, MSc The effect of rear wheel camber in manual wheelchair propulsion
26-2 5/1/1989   Rory A. Cooper, Meng An international track wheelchair with a center of gravity directional controller
26-1 2/1/1989   Rory A. Cooper, Meng Racing wheelchair crown compensation
26-1 2/1/1989   John Gordon, BS Tests of two new polyurethane foam wheelchair tires
26-1 2/1/1989   Rory A. Cooper, Meng Racing wheelchair rear wheel alignment
25-3 8/1/1988   Timothy J. Collins, MS Directional instability of rear caster wheelchairs
25-2 5/1/1988   William E. Fisher, PhD Testing of gel-electrolyte batteries for wheelchairs
24-4 11/1/1987   Sally G. Revoile, PhD Speech-cue enhancement for the hearing impaired:
Amplification of burstlmurmur cues for improved
perception of final stop voicing
24-3 8/1/1987   W. E. Fisher, PhD Development of an Australian Standard for Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Assemblies for Motor Vehicles
24-2 5/1/1987   Kevin E. Brown, MS An adaptable optimal controller for electric wheelchairs"
24-2 5/1/1987   Leon Bennett Powered wheelchair bucking
24-2 5/1/1987   James J. Kauzlarich, PhD A theory of wheelchair wheelie performance
23-4 11/1/1986   P. Engel Technological and physiological characteristics of a newly developed hand-lever drive system for wheelchairs
23-4 11/1/1986   C. E. Brubaker, PhD Wheelchair prescription : an analysis of factors that affect mobility and performance*
23-3 9/1/1986   Ronald F. Gaines, MD Users' responses to contoured wheelchair handrims
23-3 9/1/1986   Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD Development of a modular wheelchair cushion for spinal cord injured persons
23-2 5/1/1986   Clifford E. Brubaker, PhD Effects of side slope on wheelchair performance
23-2 5/1/1986   Colin A. McLaurin, Sc.D. Lever drive system for wheelchairs
22-3 9/1/1985   James B. Reswick, ScD Automatic transmission for electric wheelchairs*
22-3 9/1/1985   James J. Kauzlarich, PhD Wheelchair tire rolling resistance and fatigue
22-3 9/1/1985   Seldon P. Todd, JR. Special Articles : Wheelchairs
21-2 5/1/1984   James J. Kauplarich, PhD Wheelchair Caster Shimmy and Turning Resistance
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