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Requesting an Administrative Modification to a Rehabilitation Research and Development Service (RR&D) Project

The Rehabilitation Research and Development Service (RR&D) expects all research projects it sponsors to be carried out according to the plan presented in the approved application. Requests for modifications should be rare, involving situations beyond the control of the Principal Investigator (PI). In accordance with VHA Directive 1200.02, Research Business Operations, PIs with the concurrence of their Associate Chief of Staff (ACOS) for R&D, must obtain formal approval from the Director, RR&D, for any significant changes in project duration, budget, aims, methods, site(s), or key personnel after their application has been reviewed and selected for funding.

Criteria and instructions for requesting a project modification as well as a form for making a request can be found on the ORD Policies and Guidance Documents, General Administration web page under Request for Administrative Project Modification.