Volume 38, Number 1, January/February 2001
Pages 129 – 133

Abstract - SLO power calibration

Rolf W. Nygaard, PhD and Ronald A. Schuchard, PhD

Department of Ophthalmology, University of Missouri-KC, Kansas City, MO; VA Rehab R&D Center and Emory University School of Medicine, Decatur, GA 30322

Abstract — We present a method for calibrating the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) that predicts radiant power at any of 256 grayscale values (gsv) and 12 polarized filter (polarizer) levels. Predicted power values, p(gsv), were determined by substitution into polynomials linearly transformed to old or new power at p(0) and p(255). This was compared with observed power values at 125 levels of attenuation/session. Prediction accuracy was the proportion of nonsignificant pairwise comparisons (t-test, p=0.0001). We found that power transformation between polarizers and within sessions has both linear and nonlinear characteristics. Within polarizer and between sessions, however, power transformation has linear characteristics. A 5th-degree polynomial was individually fit, at each polarizer, to session 1 power distributions of 9 gsv steps (0, 31, 63, 95, 127, 159, 191, 223, 255). When adjusted to p(255) and p(0) in new sessions, we obtained p(gsv) that predicted power at 25 gsv * 5 polarizers for 18 days with an accuracy of about 0.84. When only adjusted to p(255), predictive accuracy was 0.81.

Key words: calibration, computer, laser, ophthalmoscopy, SLO.

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