Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
March/April 2001, Vol. 38, No. 2


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Marguerite Hays, MD
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Clinical Relevance for the Veteran: Summaries of Scientific/Technical Articles

Scientific/Technical Articles

State-of-the-art research in lower-limb prosthetic biomechanics-socket interface
Arthur F.T. Mak, PhD; Ming Zhang, PhD; David A. Boone, CP, MPH
Osseointegration in skeletal reconstruction and rehabilitation
Rickard Brånemark, MD, PhD; P-I Brånemark, MD, PhD; Björn Rydevik, MD, PhD; Robert R. Myers, PhD
Intramedullary osseointegration: development of a rodent model and study of histology and neuropeptide changes around titanium implants
Magnus Ysander, MD; Rickard Brånemark, MD, PhD; Kjell Olmarker, MD, PhD; Robert R. Myers, PhD
Long-term survival of regenerated cartilage on a large joint surface
Jennifer S. Wayne, PhD; Charles L. McDowell, MD; Mark C. Willis, MD
Measuring the effects of seating on people with profound and multiple disabilities--a preliminary study
Aileen R. Neilson, BSc, MSc; Geoff I. Bardsley, BEng, PhD; David I. Rowley, BMedBiol, MD, FRCS; James Hogg, BA, BA, PhD; Mo Malek, BSc, MSc, MSc, PhD; Gwendolyn C. Morrison, BA, MSc, DPhil; Craig A. Kirkwood, BSc, PhD
Driving performance and workload assessment of drivers with tetraplegia: an adaptation evaluation framework
Björn Peters, MSc
Dietary and serum lipids in individuals with spinal cord injury living in the community
Robabeh M. Moussavi, PhD; Francisca Ribas-Cardus, MS; Diana H. Rintala, PhD; Gladys P. Rodriguez, PhD
Assistive technology to improve PC interaction for people with intention tremor
Peter Feys; Anders Romberg; Juhani Ruutiainen, MD; Angela Davies-Smith; Rosemary Jones, PhD; Carlo Alberto Avizzano, PhD; Massimo Bergamasco, PhD; Pierre Ketelaer, MD
A comparison of regular rehabilitation and regular rehabilitation with supported treadmill ambulation training for acute stroke patients
Inácio Teixeira da Cunha Filho, PT, PhD; Peter A.C. Lim, MD; Huma Qureshy, PT, MS; Helene Henson, MD; Trilok Monga, MD; Elizabeth J. Protas, PT, PhD
Vibratory coded directional analysis: evaluation of a three-microphone/four-vibrator DSP system
Erik Borg, MD, PhD; Jerker Rönnberg, PhD; Lennart Neovius, MSc, Techn. Lic.
A three-microphone system for real-time directional analysis: towards a device for environmental monitoring in deaf-blind
Erik Borg, MD, PhD; Lennart Neovius, MSc, Techn. Lic.; Magnus Kjellander, MSc

Clinical Reports

Optimal circumference reduction of finger models for good prosthetic fit of a thimble-type prosthesis for distal finger amputations
Michael E.L. Leow, BSc, MSc, Cert Prosthetics and Robert W.H. Pho, MBBS, MD, FRCS
Stroke: Who's counting what?
Dean M. Reker, PhD, RN; Byron B. Hamilton, MD, PhD; Pamela W. Duncan, PhD, PT1; Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, PhD, RN; Amy Rosen, PhD


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