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Volume 38 Number 4, 2001
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ii Guidelines
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iii Masthead
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iv Editor's Notes
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viii Guest Editorial: Upper Extremity Amputation and Prosthetics
René F. Baumgartner, MD
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ix Clinical Relevance for the Veteran: Summaries of Scientific/Technical Articles
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Scientific/Technical Articles
357 Cineplasty as a control input for externally powered prosthetic components
Richard F. ff. Weir, PhD; Craig W. Heckathorne, MS; Dudley S. Childress, PhD
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365 Mechanical performance of inflatable inserts used in limb prosthetics
Joan E. Sanders, PhD and Damon V. Cassisi, BSME
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375 The effect of body weight and age on frequency of repairs in lower-limb prostheses
Naseer H.J. Haboubi, MBChB, MRCP; Michael Heelis, BSc; Ruth Woodruff, DIPT, MCSP;Imad Al-Khawaja, PhD, MRCP
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379 Predictive factors for successful early prosthetic ambulation amonglower-limb amputees
Michael C. Munin, MD; Maria Carolina Espejo-De Guzman, MD; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Shirley G. Fitzgerald, PhD; Louis E. Penrod, MD;Jaspaal Singh, MD
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385 A neuromuscular platform to extract electrophysiological signals fromlesioned nerves: a technical note
Michael R. Wells, PhD; Urmi Vaidya, PhD; John L. Ricci, PhD; Carl Christie, BS
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391 Physiological response to the ambulatory performance of hand-rimand arm-crank propulsion systems
Goutam Mukherjee, MSc, DPt and Amalendu Samanta, MSc, PhD
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401 Shoulder imaging abnormalities in individuals with paraplegia
Michael L. Boninger, MD; Jeffrey D. Towers, MD; Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Brad E. Dicianno; Michael C. Munin, MD
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409 Analysis of vibrations induced during wheelchair propulsion
David P. VanSickle, PhD; Rory A. Cooper, PhD; Michael L. Boninger, MD; Carmen P. DiGiovine, MS
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423 Reliability of cardiorespiratory measurements during wheelchair ergometry
Randall E. Keyser, PhD; Mary M. Rodgers, PhD; Elizabeth R. Rasch, MSPT
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431 The virtual retinal display as a low-vision computer interface: a pilot study
Conor P. Kleweno, BS; Eric J. Seibel, PhD; Erik S. Viirre, MD, PhD; John P. Kelly, PhD;Thomas A. Furness III, PhD
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Clinical Report

443 A comparison of the recognition distance of several types of pedestrian signals withlow-vision pedestrians
Ron Van Houten, PhD; Bruce Blasch, PhD; J.E. Louis Malenfant, PhD
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Special Report

449 Development of uniform terminology and procedures to describe wheelchair cushioncharacteristics
Stephen Sprigle, PhD, PT; Larry Press; Kim Davis, MS, PT
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141 Index of JRRD Vol. 38 (2001)
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