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Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development

Guidelines for Contributors (Abbreviated Version)

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1. When submitting a manuscript, include three copies of the original either typed or computer-printed on 8 1/2-in. 11-in. paper (double-spaced throughout including title, abstract, key words, text, references, acknowledgments, tables, and captions for figures).

2. One of three copies must be blinded for peer review, with all author information removed from the title page. Remove any acknowledgments from the blinded copy. All acknowledgments should be on a separate page following the reference. The other two copies should have a title page containing the title and complete author information.

3. A paragraph describing the clinical relevance for the veteran is required to be submitted with each manuscript to be published. This plain-text, unformatted summary should be separate from the manuscript. The clinical relevance should include these four subject headers: Purpose of the work, subjects/procedures, results, and relevance to the veteran population.

4. Include a 3 1/2-in. disk, CD, or 100MB Zip disk containing a copy of the original version of the manuscript in a DOS or PC Windows-based software program. Label disks or CD appropriately. Apple-formatted disks are unacceptable.

5. Send one set of camera-ready hard-copy figures (photos, illustrations, graphics). Also send electronic files (in .tif, .eps, or .jpg on CD or 100MB Zip in PC format) for all figures. PowerPoint images are unacceptable for print production. If images are created in PowerPoint, they must be printed directly from PowerPoint onto high-quality smooth bright-white #32 paper. To provide a sharp digital image, scan at 400+ resolution as a .tif, .eps, or .jpg file. If the image is saved as a .jpg directly from PowerPoint, the quality will be poor, therefore unacceptable. The same applies to any other program that does not convert files as clean sharp printable images. Use Arial bold font if possible for text in all charts and graphics.

6. Include a cover letter stating the name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address of the corresponding author.

7. Send the above material to the Journal editor.

8. For more detailed information, the complete Guidelines for Contributors is published on-line: www.vard.org/guid/guidelns.htm.

9. Send all manuscripts, correspondence, and inquiries to:

The Editor
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
103 South Gay Street, 5th floor
Baltimore, MD 21201-4051
email: pubs@vard.org

Voice: (410) 962-1800
Fax: (410) 962-9670