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Vol. 39 No. 6, November/December 2002
Pages 701-710

Shooting mechanics related to player classification and free throw success in wheelchair basketball
Laurie A. Malone, PhD; Pierre L. Gervais, PhD; Robert D. Steadward, PhD
Lakeshore Foundation, Birmingham, AL; University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada; The Steadward Centre, Edmonton, Canada
Abstract—To determine what factors are associated with successful free throw (FT) shooting in wheelchair basketball and to examine the relationship between shooting mechanics and player classification, a biomechanical analysis of clean shots was undertaken. Significant differences were observed between the player classes in FT shooting mechanics employed for a clean shot. Players from Classes 1 and 2 tended to release the ball from a lower height, with greater velocity and release angle. They demonstrated a smaller shoulder flexion angle at release and a greater maximum velocity at the shoulder and elbow. The clean shots of Classes 1 and 2 demanded greater accuracy with respect to release velocity and angle, yet the resulting ball trajectory displayed a greater margin for error than the shots observed in the upper classes. However, based on overall shooting percentage, the upper classes did not appear to take advantage of the predicted benefits provided by a higher ball release height.

Key words: biomechanics, classification, foul shot, sports performance.

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