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Vol. 40 No. 3, May/June 2003

JRRD Color Policy

Starting in 2003, a new policy was issued for authors regarding color reproduction of graphics in the hard copy edition of JRRD. This policy does not apply to the electronic website edition, which will continue to publish appropriate quality color graphics at no additional cost.

Authors who believe that the inclusion of four-color graphics is essential or important to their printed papers must agree to notify JRRD of their decision when their paper is accepted and further agree to pay $500 per color page before press time. This $500 per page for color is the same whether or not one or more graphics are reproduced on the page or pages.

All contributors-VA-funded and non-VA-funded researchers-will be required to pay the same fee for four-color-processed pages, but the method of payment differs for both groups of researchers. Authors who commit to and submit paperwork for color in their papers must show proof of payment when they return their final review of the proofs and the authorization to print before press time. For non-VA-funded researchers, the check or money order number or wire transfer number and date will constitute such proof. For VA-funded researchers, a copy of their "Station-to-Station Transfer Form" will be their proof of payment. If proof of payment is not received with the author's authorization to print before press time, JRRD will print the author's graphics in black and white.

Non-VA researchers who want to reproduce color in their JRRD papers may send check or money order ($500 per color page) payable to the address below. Or they may initiate a wire transfer to the Foundation via Allfirst Bank using the routing number 052000113 and account number 17789141.

VA-funded researchers who wish to run color in the printed JRRD must complete the "Rehab R&D Service Station-to-Station Transfer" form (available on the RR&D website at http://www.vard. org and from Manuscript Central at mode=instruction in Word and PDF formats) and submit it to the Program Analyst at the R&D Office via fax 202-275-0014 and a copy to JRRD via fax 410-962-9670, when authorization to print is returned.

Researchers who have questions about the new color reproduction policy for their papers should contact the Editor or Managing Editor at 410-962-1800, ext. 240 or 241, respectively.

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