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Contents JRRD Volume 41, Number 2 March/April 2004

Guest Editorial:
Challenges to studying and delivering care to special populations
The example of women veterans

Donna L. Washington, MD, MPH

Letters to the Editor
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Scientific/Technical Articles

113   Differential recovery of the electroretinogram, visually evoked cortical potential, and electrically evoked cortical potential following vitrectomy: Implications for acute testing of an implanted retinal prosthesis
Sandra R. Montezuma, MD; Joseph F. Rizzo III, MD; Ofer R. Ziv, PhD
 → Abstract of Montezuma article  → Links to web version of Montezuma article.  → Links to PDF Version of Montezuma article.

121   Comparison of manual and computer-automated procedures for tinnitus pitch-matching
James A. Henry, PhD; Christopher L. Flick, BS; Alison Gilbert, MS; Roger M. Ellingson, MS; Stephen A. Fausti, PhD
 → Abstract of Henry article  → Links to web version of Henry article.  → Links to PDF Version of Henry article.

139   A comparison of four electrical stimulation types on Staphylococcus aureus growth in vitro
Harold L. Merriman, PhD, MPT; Chris A. Hegyi, MPT; Cheryl R. Albright-Overton, MPT; John Carlos, Jr, PhD, PT; Robert W. Putnam, PhD; Janet A. Mulcare, PhD
 → Abstract of Merriman article  → Links to web version of Merriman article.  → Links to PDF Version of Merriman article.

147   A comparative study of the effects of electrical stimulation and laser treatment on experimental wound healing in rats
Hüseyin Demir, MD; Halil Balay, MD; Mehmet Kirnap, MD
 → Abstract of Demir article  → Links to web version of Demir article.  → Links to PDF Version of Demir article.

155   Unresolved legal and ethical issues in research of adults with severe traumatic brain injury: Analysis of an ongoing protocol
Theresa Louise-Bender Pape, DrPH, MA, CCC-SLP/L; Nancy Oddi Jaffe, JD, MSPH;
Teresa Savage, RN, PhD; Eileen Collins, RN, PhD; Deborah Warden, MD
 → Abstract of Pape article  → Links to web version of Pape article.  → Links to PDF Version of Pape article.

175   Testing of elastomeric liners used in limb prosthetics: Classification
of 15 products by mechanical performance

Joan E. Sanders, PhD; Brian S. Nicholson, BS; Santosh G. Zachariah, PhD; Damon V. Cassisi, BSME;
Ari Karchin, MSE; John R. Fergason, CPO
 → Abstract of Sanders article  → Links to web version of Sanders article.  → Links to PDF Version of Sanders article.

187   Load-shifting brace treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee: A minimum 2 1/2-year follow-up study
Nicholas J. Giori, MD, PhD
 → Abstract of Giori article  → Links to web version of Giori article.  → Links to PDF Version of Giori article.

195   Comparison of the Easy Strutter Functional Orthosis System™ and axillary crutches during modified 3-point gait
John Nyland, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC; Thomas Bernasek, MD; Blaine Markee, MD; Christine Dundore, SPT, ATC
 → Abstract of Nyland article  → Links to web version of Nyland article.  → Links to PDF Version of Nyland article.

207   Computational method to evaluate ankle postural stiffness with ground reaction forces
Zhiming Ji, PhD; Thomas Findley, MD, PhD; Hans Chaudhry, PhD; Bruce Bukiet, PhD
 → Abstract of Ji article  → Links to web version of Ji article.  → Links to PDF Version of Ji article.

215   Identification of key pinch forces required to complete functional tasks
Niels Smaby, MS; Mary Elise Johanson, MS, PT; Brian Baker, BA; Deborah Ellen Kenney, MS, OTR;
Wendy Marie Murray, MS, PhD; Vincent Rod Hentz, MD
 → Abstract of Smaby article  → Links to web version of Smaby article.  → Links to PDF Version of Smaby article.

225   Attributional style and symptoms as predictors of social function in schizophrenia
Paul H. Lysaker, PhD; Rebecca S. Lancaster, MS; Michael A. Nees, BA; Louanne W. Davis, PsyD
 → Abstract of Lysaker article  → Links to web version of Lysaker article.  → Links to PDF Version of Lysaker article.

233   Use of Rasch person-item map in exploratory data analysis: A clinical perspective
Joan Stelmack, OD; Janet P. Szlyk, PhD; Thomas Stelmack, OD; Judith Babcock-Parziale, PhD;
Paulette Demers-Turco, OD; R. Tracy Williams, OD; Robert W. Massof, PhD
 → Abstract of Stelmack article  → Links to web version of Stelmack article.  → Links to PDF Version of Stelmack article.

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