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Contents JRRD Volume 42, Number 2 March/April 2005

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Guest Editorial:
Mobile wireless technologies for rehabilitation and independence
John W. Peifer
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131   Consistency and accuracy of measurement of lower-limb amputee anthropometrics
Mark D. Geil, PhD
 → Abstract of Geil  article  → Links to html version of Geil article.  → Links to PDF Version of Geil article.

141   A preliminary investigation into the development of 3-D printing of prosthetic sockets
Nicholas Herbert, MPhil; David Simpson, MSc; William D. Spence, MSc; William Ion, BSc
 → Abstract of Herbert article  → Links to html version of Herbert article.  → Links to PDF Version of Herbert article.

147   Residual-limb skin temperature in transtibial sockets
Jeffrey T. Peery, MS; William R. Ledoux, PhD; Glenn K. Klute, PhD
 → Abstract of this article  → Links to web version of this article.  → Links to PDF Version of this article.

155   Physical and functional measures related to low back pain in individuals with lower-limb amputation: An exploratory pilot study
Karen Friel, PT, DHS; Elizabeth Domholdt, PT, EdD; Douglas G. Smith, MD
 → Abstract of Friel article  → Links to web version of Friel article.  → Links to PDF Version of Friel article.

167   Bending stiffness of the lumbar spine subjected to posteroanterior manipulative force
Raymond Y. W. Lee, PhD; Bonnie Y. S. Tsung, MPhil; Pin Tong, PhD; John Evans, PhD
 → Abstract of Lee article  → Links to web version of Lee article.  → Links to PDF Version of Lee article.

175   Temporal symmetries during gait initiation and termination in nondisabled ambulators and in people with unilateral transtibial limb loss
Steve C. Miff, PhD; Dudley S. Childress, PhD; Steven A. Gard, PhD; Margrit R. Meier, PhD; Andrew H. Hansen, PhD
 → Abstract of Miff article  → Links to web version of Miff article.  → Links to PDF Version of Miff article.

183   Experimentally induced pain perception is acutely reduced by aerobic exercise in people with chronic low back pain
Martin D. Hoffman, MD; Melissa A. Shepanski, MS; Sean P. MacKenzie, MD; Philip S. Clifford, PhD
 → Abstract of Hoffman article  → Links to web version of Hoffman article.  → Links to PDF Version of Hoffman article.

191   Comparison of head- and body-velocity trajectories during locomotion among healthy and vestibulopathic subjects
James T. Cavanaugh, PT, PhD, NCS; Dov Goldvasser, MSc, ME; Chris A. McGibbon, PhD; David E. Krebs, DPT, PhD
 → Abstract of Cavanaugh article  → Links to web version of Cavanaugh article.  → Links to PDF Version of Cavanaugh article.

199    Functional activities characteristics of shoulder complex movements: Exploration with a 3-D electromagnetic measurement system
Jiu-jenq Lin, PT, PhD; William P. Hanten, PT, PhD; Sharon L. Olson, PT, PhD; Toni S. Roddey, PT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT; David A. Soto-Quijano, MD; Hyun K. Lim; Arthur M. Sherwood, PhD
 → Abstract of Lin article  → Links to web version of Lin article.  → Links to PDF Version of Lin article.

211    Implications of expiratory muscle strength training for rehabilitation of the elderly: Tutorial
Jaeock Kim, MS; Christine M. Sapienza, PhD, SLP
 → Abstract of Kim article  → Links to web version of Kim article.  → Links to PDF Version of Kim article.

225   Rehabilitation during alcohol detoxication in comorbid neuropsychiatric patients
Gerald Goldstein, PhD; Gretchen L. Haas, PhD; Wendy Jo Shemansky, BA; Belinda Barnett, PhD; Sara Salmon-Cox, MS, OTR/L
 → Abstract of Goldstein article  → Links to web version of Goldstein article.  → Links to PDF Version of Goldstein article.

235   Electromyographic activity imbalances between contralateral back muscles: An assessment of measurement properties
Christian Larivière, PhD; Denis Gagnon, PhD; A. Bertrand Arsenault, PhD; Denis Gravel, PhD; Patrick Loisel, MD
 → Abstract of Larivière article  → Links to web version of Larivière article.  → Links to PDF Version of Larivière article.

251   Bladder-wall and pelvic-plexus stimulation with model microstimulators: Preliminary observations
James S. Walter, PhD; Mary Pat Fitzgerald, MD; John S. Wheeler, MD; Bradley Orris, MD; Allison McDonnell; Robert D. Wurster, PhD
 → Abstract of Walter article  → Links to html version of Walter article.  → Links to PDF Version of Walter article.

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