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Volume 42 Number 3, May/June 2005
Pages 277 — 290

Abstract - Qualitative and quantitative measurement of depression in veterans recovering from stroke

Christine L. Williams, DNSc, APRN, BC;1* Maude R. Rittman, PhD, RN;2 Craig Boylstein, PhD;2
Christopher Faircloth, PhD;2 Qin Haijing, MS2

1University of Miami, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Coral Gables, FL; 2North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development/Rehabilitation Research and Development Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center, Center of Excellence, Gainesville, FL
Abstract — This analysis triangulates qualitative and quantitative data from interviews, Geriatric Depression Scale scores, and patient records to evaluate poststroke depression. Participants were veterans who were discharged home following a new stroke. Findings indicated underrecognition and treatment of depression. Narrative data uncovered a rich description of respondents' perceptions and emotional experiences during stroke recovery.
Key words: cerebrovascular accidents, culture, depression, geriatric, measurement, mental health, qualitative methods, rehabilitation, stroke recovery, triangulation.

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