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Volume 43 Number 5, August/September 2006
Pages 695 — 710

Abstract - Telerehabilitation robotics: Bright lights, big future?

Craig R. Carignan, ScD;1* Hermano I. Krebs, PhD2

1Georgetown University, Washington, DC; 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Abstract — The potential for remote diagnosis and treatment over the Internet using robotics is now a reality. The state of the art is exemplified by several Internet applications, and we explore the current trends in developing new systems. We review the technical challenges that lie ahead, along with some potential solutions. Some promising results for a new bilateral system involving two InMotion2 robots are presented. Finally, we discuss the future direction and commercial outlook for rehabilitation robots over the next 15 years.
Key words: bilateral, cooperative therapy, force feedback, functional rehabilitation, haptics, rehabilitation robotics, shared virtual environments, teleoperation, telerehabilitation, time-delay, virtual reality.

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