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Volume 43 Number 7, November/December 2006
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From the Editor's Desk

JRRD Year in Review

Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhDEditor, Journal of Rehabilitation Researchand Development

Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD
    Journal of Rehabilitation Researchand Development

The year 2006 was a banner year for the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD). The JRRD Web site ( experienced more than 3.3 million downloads, up 101 percent from the previous year. We introduced a "cluster searching" tool to our Web site that allows concentrated searching of defined topics within JRRD articles and archival materials, which currently date back to 1977 and are accessed regularly. Moreover, we revamped the content and look of the lay person's "JRRD at a Glance" to enhance its readability and published four single-topic issues devoted to multiple sclerosis, poststroke rehabilitation, robotics, and vision rehabilitation, which is more than any previous year.

We made significant strides in our behind-the-scenes editorial work as well, increasing the JRRD rejection rate to almost 40 percent and reducing the average time from submission to publication to 10.7 months. The average time from the initial full review to a first decision was 66 days; if a revision was required, a second decision was reached in an average of 36 days. In 2006, JRRD received more than 700 reviews, with an average of 3.8 and a range of 1 to 5 reviews per paper. Since 2002, when we began evaluating editorial metadata, we have had a 36 percent increase in the number of pages published each year and a 54 percent increase in the number of subscribers! To increase the value-added data of JRRD articles, we added online appendixes and direct hyperlinks from online references to PubMed. Finally, the JRRD Editorial Board adopted and implemented the conflict of interest policy and clinical trial registration recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Our 2006 achievements would not have been possible without the help of our Editor in Chief, Dr. Robert L. Ruff; our distinguished Editorial Board; and the 312 JRRD reviewers whom we would like to publicly thank in the following pages. We deeply appreciate all who volunteered their time and expertise to review JRRD submissions. We hope that the relationships we have cultivated will continue and expand. As always, we welcome your input. Thank you.

Stacieann C. Yuhasz, PhD

Editor, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

JRRD Peer Reviewers in 2006


Laura J. Cohen


Lesher Greg


Henry Lew

Judy Abrahamson


Rose Collins


Roxann Diez Gross


Albert Lo

Linda Accordino


Gery Colombo


Jack A. Loeppky

Nathan D. Ainspan


Adriana Conforto




Paul Lysaker

Michael Aiona


Paul Conlin


Andrew Hansen


Asghar Akbari


Kathryn Corson


Laurie L. Harkness



Majd Alwan


David Crandell


Ilan Harpaz-Rotem


Setsuo Maeda

Beth Angell


William J. Culpepper


Jodie K. Haselkorn


Laurence S. Magder

Diane J. Atkins


Mehdi Dadgoo


Alicia Heapy


Arthur Manoli

Edmond Ayyappa


Wayne Daly


Mark Hedrick


Ralph Marino


Christine Detrembleur


Ann Hendricks


William J. Marks

Tim Bach


Eric Dieperink


Jay Hertel


Neil McCartney

Byron Bair


Mark Dohring


Susan Hillier


Brendan McHugh

Matthew J. Bair


Charles Drebing


Joseph Himle


Mark McMulkin

Mohammad Bayat


Thomas Hornick


David Miller

John Beauvais


Joan E. Edelstein


Chris Hughes


Maurice Miller

Andrea Behrman


Albert Esquenazi




Kim Muesser

Heather Belanger


Yih-Kuen Jan


Janet A. Mulcare

Leonid Bendersky


Michael Falvo


Michiel J. A. Jannink


Nan Musson

Kousick Biswas


Meika A. Fang


Thomas W. J. Janssen


Paula Myers

Donna Jo Blaka


Susan E. Fasoli


Huanguang Jia


Ross Bogey


Stefania Fatone


Mike Jones



Gary R. Bond


Stephen F. Figoni


Jeff Jutai


Stephen E. Nadeau

Dennis Bourdette


Donald C. Fletcher


Edward Neumann

Mark G. Bowden


Joshua Fogel




Alex Ng

John H. Bowker


Kevin Fontain


Han Kang


Nannette Nicholson

Douglas D. Bradham


Cynthia G. Fowler


Kerry Kelly


Jonathan Norton

L. Jerome Brandon


Benedikt Friemert


Jae Kennedy


Mary Novotny

Ursula Braun


Stacy L. Fritz


Robert Kern


David M. Brienza


Brad Fullerton


Ronald Lee Kirby



Marybeth Brown


Sara R. Koehler


Maria O'Connell

Scott E. Brown




Alicia Koontz


Eric C. Odgaard

Eduardo Bruera


Kara Gagnon


Brian R. Kotajarvi


Hisaichi Ohnabe

Denis Brunt


Robert Gailey


Kathryn Kotrla


Teruaki Okuda

Gary J. Bryson


Linda Ganzini


KenŽichi Koyanagi


Michael S. Orendurff

Robyn M. Burgess


Susan L. Garber


Vladimir A. Kulyukin


John David Otis


Steven A. Gard


Sooyeon Kwon


Sevgi Ozalevli


Andrew W. Gardner


James H. Campbell


William Garvert



Timothy Carmody


Amit Gefen


Sam Landsberger


Adrian Pace

William Carne


Mark D. Geil


Susan Langmore


William Padula

Edward Chadwick


David L. Gillespie


Janet Larsen


William F. Page

Angela Chan


Ronald Gironda


Cathy L. Lazarus


Judith Paice

Ming Chan


Shirley Glynn


Jung Hee Lee


Carlo Palazzi

Howard Chansky


Paul Goering


Stephen Leff


Patricia Parmelee

Eric M. Cheng


James Goh


Gordon Legge


Carolynn Patten

Howard Chizeck


Leonard Goldschmidt


Edward Lemaire


Rita Patterson

Kenneth Ciuffreda


Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey


James Leonard


Lorna Paul

Michael E. Clark


Philippe Gorce


Nathan Levin


Louis Peeraer

Helen S. Cohen


Frank A. B. Gottschalk


Charles Levy


Jacquelin Perry


Justin Petrolla


Anindo Roy


Phyllis Solomon


Lucas Van der Woude

Chetan Purushottam Phadke


Rients Rozendal


Stephen Sprigle


Linda Van Roosmalen

Michael Steven Pinzur


Robert J. Ruben


Ann M. Spungen


Zshorlich Volker

Mark Pitkin


Zlatka Russinova


Gordon Starkebaum


Dejan B. Popovic


Bonnie G. Steele



Marcel Post




James Steiger


Jaye Wald

Neil Postans


Cristina Sadowsky


Christopher Michael Storey


Gale R. Watson

Michael Potter


Yukari Sakiyama


Christian Dale Strasser


Lawrence Weinberger

Gail Powell-Cope


David John Sanderson


Michael W. Stroud


Deborah Weiner

T. B. Price


Bonnie J. Sawatzky


Bryan Sweet


Sharon Weinstein

Jama L. Purser


Marcia J. Scherer


Malgorzata Syczewska


Michael I. Weintraub


Mark Schlmeler


Kelly P. Westlake



Lawrence W. Schneider




Janis White

Tariq Rahman


Thomas Schnitzer


Eric Tam


Gale Whiteneck

Stacie Raymer


Nicolas Schweighofer


Edward Taub


Einar Wilder-Smith

Steven I. Reger


Erika Scremin


Steve Taylor


G. Wittenberg

Dean M. Reker


Jennifer Shapiro


Beverly Thorn


Erik Wolf

Sandra G. Resnick


Scott B. Shawen


George T. Timberlake


Ian Rice


Fraser Shein


Raymond J. Trybus



Mark Richter


Goeff Shepherd


Warren Tryon


Holly Yanco

Priscilla A. Ridgway


Arthur M. Sherwood


Mitchel B. Turbin


Abu B. Yilla

Patrick Riley


Sean D. Shimada


Michele York

Gordon E. Robertson


Jillian Shipherd




Ichiro Yoshimura

Mary Rodgers


John L. Shuster


Gitendra Uswatte


E. Sally Rogers


Hilary Siebens


Mark Rogers


Victor S. Sierpina




Ming Zhang

Joshua S. Rolock


Carol A. Silverman


Georgios Vagenas


Wiebren Zijlstra

Miranda Rose


Marca L. Sipski


Rita van den Berg-Emons


Dieter Rosenbaum


Fuschia M. Sirois


Ton van den Bogert


Elliot J. Roth


Harry B. Skinner


Machiel Van der Loos


DOI: 10.1682/JRRD.2007.01.0018

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