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Assessment of autonomic dysfunction following spinal cord injury: Rationale for additions to International Standards for Neurological Assessment

Andrei V. Krassioukov, MD, PhD, et al.

The International Standards for Neurological Assessment, commonly referred to as the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) examination, only evaluate motor and sensory functions following spinal cord injury (SCI). We present a preliminary report of the discussion of the joint committee of the ASIA and International Spinal Cord Society on developing assessment criteria for autonomic function testing following SCI. To improve neurological function evaluation in individuals with SCI and better assess the effects of therapies in the future, we propose a comprehensive set of definitions of general autonomic nervous system dysfunction following SCI that clinicians should address. Presently, we recommend the recognition and assessment of the following conditions: neurogenic shock, orthostatic hypotension, autonomic dysreflexia, cardiac dysrhythmias, temperature dysregulation, and hyperhidrosis.

Volume 44 Number 1 2007
Pages 103 — 112

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