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Volume 44 Number 1 2007
Pages 77 — 82

Abstract - Quantitative sensory tests (perceptual thresholds) in patients with spinal cord injury

Gordana Savic, MD, MSc;1* Ebba M. K. Bergström, MPhil;1 Nick J. Davey, PhD;2† Peter H. Ellaway, PhD;2 Hans L. Frankel, MB, FRCP;1 Ali Jamous, MD, MSc;1 Alessia Nicotra, MD, PhD2

1National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, UK; 2Division of Neuroscience, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, London, UK
Abstract — This article was presented at the Premeeting Workshop on Outcome Measures at the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) Annual Scientific Meeting in Dallas, Texas, in May 2005. The article summarizes preliminary findings of three quantitative sensory tests that were evaluated as part of the International Spinal Research Trust Clinical Initiative study: perceptual thresholds to electrical, vibration, and thermal stimulation. The results gathered so far suggest that the three tests are simple, reproducible, and applicable in a clinical setting. The tests seem to add resolution and sensitivity to the standard clinical testing and could be useful adjuncts in longitudinal monitoring of spinal cord injury for research purposes.
Key words: clinical trials, electric current, electrodiagnosis, quantitative sensory tests, rehabilitation, sensory outcome measures, sensory perceptual threshold, spinal cord injury, thermal sensation, vibration sensation.

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