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Moving to new settings: Pilot study of families' perceptions of professional caregivers' pain management in persons with dementia

Martha D. Buffum, DNSc, APRN, BC, CS;
Mimi Haberfelde, MS, RN, AOCN

Pain in persons with severe dementia is often not recognized or treated because these persons cannot communicate their needs. Family caregivers are in the best position to provide information to hospital care personnel about the patients' needs, including pain. Little research has evaluated the role of the family caregiver when patients move between care facilities. This study describes family caregivers' experiences when their family members with dementia were admitted to unfamiliar care sites and provides the caregivers' recommended changes to healthcare settings. This article is relevant to family members and healthcare professionals who care for persons with severe dementia.

Volume 44 Number 2 2007
Pages 295 — 304

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