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Development and validation of Patient Reported Impact of Spasticity Measure (PRISM)

Karon F. Cook, PhD, et al.

Persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) experience a range of symptoms including spasticity. People with SCI and spasticity report that spasticity is among the five factors in their lives that concern them most. In this study, we interviewed people with SCI to find out how spasticity affects their lives. We learned that spasticity has psychological, social, and physical effects. We also learned that spasticity has both positive and negative effects. We constructed a measure that people can use to report how spasticity affects their lives. This self-report is important because not everyone's experience of spasticity is the same. Knowing how spasticity affects someone's life can help clinicians select appropriate treatment alternatives.

Volume 44 Number 3 2007
Pages 363 — 372


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