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Quantification of everyday motor function in a geriatric population

Eling D. de Bruin, PhD, et al.

Figure. Kinematic sensor composed of one miniature piezoelectric gyroscope

Can the quantity and the quality of physical activity of older adults in residential care facilities be reliably measured with fixed body sensors? To answer this question, we fitted 11 veterans with an ambulatory activity monitor that they wore on their torsos on 2 consecutive days. Our results show that physical activities and "standing up from a chair" can be measured with the device. This means that mobility disability in older adults, which predicts the onset of disability in tasks essential to living independently and caring for oneself, can be estimated in an early phase of development. This would enable healthcare providers to design countermeasures that could postpone mobility disability.

Volume 44 Number 3 2007
Pages 417 — 426

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