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Effects of camber on wheeling efficiency in the experienced and inexperienced wheelchair user

Angeliki Perdios, MSc, et al.

We studied the effect of rear-wheel camber on the wheelchair user. Camber is the angle of the rear wheels and can improve the user's ability to move around obstacles. We compared three different camber angles (0, 3, and 6) to determine which helped the subjects wheel with the least strain. We also studied which camber angle was most comfortable for the subjects when they wheeled up a ramp or around obstacles. Although we found that camber angle did not affect the subjects' energy effort, the subjects preferred 6 for stability on a side slope, hand comfort on the pushrims, maneuverability, and overall preference. The individual wheelchair user's level of comfort should determine which rear-wheel camber to use.

Volume 44 Number 3 2007
Pages 459 — 466

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