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Reliability of RT3 accelerometer for measuring mobility in people with multiple sclerosis: Pilot study

Leigh Hale, PhD, et al.

The RT3 is a new small device that can potentially measure the amount of physical activity a person does. However, we do not know how accurate or reliable the measurements are. This article describes a pilot study in which the reliability of the RT3 was investigated. Ten people with multiple sclerosis and ten people without disability were asked to perform the same three mobility tasks: walking for 5 minutes, climbing stairs, and the timed get up and go test, on two different occasions. The RT3 movement measurements were more or less the same on both tests days, indicating that the RT3 can provide the same measure of motion for the same movement task. The study also showed that people move slightly differently each time they repeat a set motor task.

Volume 44 Number 4 2007
Pages 619 — 628

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