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Stroke caregiver information needs: Comparison of Mainland and Puerto Rican caregivers

Melanie Sberna Hinojosa, PhD; Maude R. Rittman, RN, PhD

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recommends that caregivers and family members of stroke survivors receive education about stroke and the recovery process. However, research indicates that caregivers often do not have the information necessary to adequately manage the recovery process at home. We found that one-fifth to one-half of caregivers need information, and this need is greater for caregivers in Puerto Rico compared with caregivers in Mainland United States. We also found that caregivers receive most of their information from their doctors, the VA, and the Internet. Given caregivers' reliance on VA resources, future work should focus on the dissemination of information through the VA system (for example, through the MyHealtheVet Web site: http://www.myhealth.va.gov/).

Volume 44 Number 5 2007
Pages 649 — 658

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