JRRD at a Glance

Identifying veterans with acute strokes with high-specificity ICD-9 algorithm with VA automated records and Medicare claims data: A more complete picture

L. Douglas Ried, PhD, et al.

Figure. Flow diagram describing patient identification process.

Research results are only as good as the methods used to obtain them. This project benefits veterans by improving methods for identifying veterans with acute stroke for clinical and epidemiological reporting and for research. Research findings will more accurately apply to all veterans when the sample includes both those who use VA and those who use non-VA services. Moreover, programmatic or treatment applications will generalize more readily to the entire population of veterans. Our finding that identifying veterans with acute stroke improves with the use of both VA and Medicare health services affects research on all medical conditions, not just acute stroke.

Volume 44 Number 5 2007
Pages 665 — 674

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