Volume 44 Number 5 2007
Page 773

Authors shall prepare manuscripts in accordance with the following guidelines, which are adapted from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' (ICMJE's) "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals."

Manuscripts shall-

Be original and in English. Nonnative speakers are strongly encouraged to have their manuscripts thoroughly reviewed by a native English speaker before submission.

Contain a title; all authors' names, credentials, and institutional affiliations; abstract, including clinical trial registration information (if required); alphabetized key words; funding sources, including grant number(s); abbreviations; introduction; methods; results; discussion; conclusion; acknowledgments; references; and tables and figures and their captions-all in ONE file. The JRRD at a Glance section is submitted separately. Copyright release and/or permission(s) must be obtained prior to submission and provided to the JRRD Editorial office. For additional detail on submission guidelines, see ICMJE's Uniform Requirements (www.icmje.org).

Be submitted online to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrrd in 12-point font, double-spaced with liberal margins, and appropriately paginated for 8 1/2 in. 11 in. paper, following all instructions given during the submission process. Specifically-

Indicate if clinical trial registration is required and if the registration was completed before submission. PLEASE NOTE: If clinical trial registration is required and has not been completed, authors will not be allowed to continue with their submission. Full details about the clinical trial registration requirement can be found in the complete Guidelines for Contributors at <http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/guid/guidelns.htm>.
Include a cover letter submitted online stating the name, credentials, institutional affiliation, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address of the corresponding author. Please disclose any affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships that would be perceived as potential conflicts or biases.
List sources of funding, including the grant number(s), on the title page of the manuscript and online.
Include a paragraph of 100 words or less describing the relevance to the veteran for JRRD at a Glance. This plain-text, unformatted summary should be written for the layperson at an 8th- to 10th-grade reading level. It should be separate from the manuscript and include a description of which persons will benefit from the work and what the likely benefits will be. It should enable a patient or family member to decide the appropriateness of discussing the research with a healthcare provider. The JRRD Editorial office will maintain the prerogative to rewrite the section if it does not meet the desired standards, subject to author's approval. This paragraph should be uploaded after the single file containing the full text and figures of the manuscript.
Include a signed statement of originality (with all authors' full names) confirming that the contribution has not been published by or submitted to another journal. By submitting this form with the manuscript, the corresponding author accepts the responsibility that all authors have agreed to be listed as contributors and have seen and approved the manuscript and its content prior to submission. A blank form can be downloaded from http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/author_instructions/Originality_Statement.pdf and either emailed, faxed, or mailed by regular post to the JRRD Editorial office.
Include figures (photographs, illustrations, graphs) embedded in the manuscript for review. Use 8- to 10-point Arial bold font for charts and graphics. For full details, see Technical Specifications in Guidelines for Contributors at <http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/guid/guidelns.htm>.
Include at least two preferred and any nonpreferred reviewers. Online submission cannot be completed without the submission of at least two preferred reviewers.
Preview the completed online submitted manuscript before the end of the submission process as directed. Please notify the JRRD Editorial office at 410-962-1800, ext 240, if an email confirmation of receipt of your upload is not received within 24 hours.

Upon manuscript acceptance, authors must provide the final version of the paper (with all revisions/edits incorporated and redlining removed) and high-quality, print-ready charts and graphics (as individual files and NOT embedded in the manuscript). These materials must be emailed to the address listed in the acceptance email. Hard copies and individual, electronic files on CD must be mailed by regular post to the JRRD Editorial office.

The complete Guidelines for Contributors is published online at <http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/guid/guidelns.htm>. Send all manuscripts, correspondence, and inquiries to the Editor, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 103 South Gay Street, 5th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202-4051; 410-962-1800, ext 240; fax: 410-962-9670.

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