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Effects of participation in consumer-operated service programs on both personal and organizationally mediated empowerment: Results of multisite study

E. Sally Rogers, ScD, et al.

Figure. Effect sizes for difference in slope between experimental and control groups over time at all 8 sites and overall (n = 1,609) for Organizationally Mediated Empowerment scale.

Programs run by mental health consumers for other consumers have been growing in number. However, little research has been done to determine whether these programs in-crease the personal empowerment of those who use the programs. This study took place at eight sites around the United States. Half of a group of individuals who received mental health services was assigned to attend a consumer-run program. The other half was not, and the two groups were compared. Results of the study showed some increase in empowerment through certain programs, particularly for those mental health consumers who attended the programs more often.

Volume 44 Number 6, 2007
Pages 785 — 800

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