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Objectively assessing balance deficits after TBI: Role of computerized posturography

Treven C. Pickett, PsyD, et al.

Balance problems are common after a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), but the standard ways of measuring rehabilitation progress do not assess balance. Experts do not agree on the best way to objectively measure balance problems. Computerized posturography provides a way to measure balance problems, but we need more information about using this technology with individuals with severe TBI. We used computerized posturography to assess balance in 21 participants with severe TBI who were admitted to a brain injury rehabilitation unit at a Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. Results show that computerized posturography was useful for assessing balance in this patient population and may help us decide which rehabilitation treatments will be most effective.

Volume 44 Number 7 2007
Pages 983 — 990

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