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Silver hydrogel urinary catheters: Evaluation of safety and efficacy in single patient with chronic spinal cord injury

Irene M. Estores, MD, et al.

In 2001, urinary tract infection (UTI) was the primary diagnosis for 8.4% of scheduled outpatient visits and 6.1% of unscheduled visits to the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Service of the Miami Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center; it also accounted for 11.2% of diagnoses for patients in the home care program. Preventing UTIs can spare veterans the associated discomfort and decrease the time they spend in hospitals and clinics, thereby allowing them to remain in the community and perform their usual activities. One preventive method that has recently shown promise is use of a silver hydrogel catheter (SHC). This article describes one subject who used an SHC for 6 months. Using the indwelling SHC effectively prevented this subject from developing a symptomatic UTI. He did not display any symptoms of silver toxicity or increased serum levels of silver. This preliminary article can be used to develop further studies on the SHC for bladder management in persons with SCI and neurogenic bladder dysfunction.

Volume 45 Number 1, 2008
   Pages 135 — 140

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