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Effects of backrest positioning and gear ratio on nondisabled subjects' handcycling sprinting performance and kinematics

Arnaud Faupin, PhD, et al.

Figure. Handcycle backrest positions used in study

The boom in handcycling means that this activity has spread to a broader population. The position of the handcycle's backrest is a sig-nificant factor that one must consider when op-timizing the user-to-chair interface. We investigated the effects of backrest position and gear ratio on the handcycling sprinting of 10 nondisabled participants. Angle parameters for the arms and trunk were calculated with three-dimensional movement analysis. Our results suggest that handcycle users with good trunk control can improve their performance by removing the backrest altogether. Future studies should look at specific groups of people with spinal cord injuries.

Volume 45 Number 1, 2008
   Pages 109 — 116

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