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Rehabilitation implications of stepper exercise technique on exertion and hip extensor muscle activation-A small exploratory study

COL Raul Marin, MD, et al.

Patients with low back pain have untrained buttocks muscles. Rehabilitation for low back pain focuses on training the back muscles and cardiovascular activity. Stepper exercise combines cardiovascular exercise and, possibly, buttocks training into one modality. We studied two different styles of stepping to determine which one was perceived as the most demanding, whether stepping activates the buttocks and whether one style is better than the other. We found that small steps without support are perceived as more difficult than big steps with support. Although the buttocks muscles were activated, we found no differences between the two styles. Stepper machines can be used during low back rehabilitation because they activate the buttocks. The small-step technique appeared to provide more of a training challenge.

Volume 45 Number 1, 2008
   Pages 125 — 134

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