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Project LIFE-Learning to Improve Fitness and Function in Elders: Methods, design, and baseline characteristics of randomized trial

Miriam C. Morey, PhD, et al.

Figure. Project LIFE - Learning to Improve Fitness and Function in Elders - participant flow chart. PCP = primary care provider.

This article describes the design and methods of a research project currently under way at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. The research project aims to develop a partnership between physician, health educator, and patient that will promote physical activity. This partnership is important because sedentary older adults experience significant losses in mobility that can be reversed with an appropriate individually tailored physical activity intervention. Physicians frequently do not have sufficient time to provide in-depth physical activity counseling. By partnering with a health educator, older adults can become more physically active. Our expectation is that, as a result of being more physically active, older adults will experience significant improvements in mobility, walking, and other activities common in daily living.

Volume 45 Number 1, 2008
   Pages 31 — 42

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