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Posttraumatic stress disorder and employment in veterans participating in Veterans Health Administration Compensated Work Therapy

Sandra G. Resnick, PhD; Robert A. Rosenheck, MD

Few studies have examined work outcomes in individuals with a primary diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The current study examines the relationship between PTSD, military service, and employment among 5,862 veterans in a large Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) vocational rehabilitation program. Veterans with PTSD were 19% less likely to be employed at discharge. Individuals who were homeless at program entry were more likely to be employed at discharge, while receipt of public support income and severe mental illness decreased the likelihood of veterans having a competitive job. This study supports current efforts by VA to expand vocational rehabilitation services and treatment for veterans with PTSD.

Volume 45 Number 3, 2008
   Pages 427 — 436

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