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Validation of use of wireless monitors to measure levels of mobility during hospitalization

Cynthia J. Brown, MD, MSPH, et al.

We validated the use of small accelerometers (wireless monitors) to measure mobility during hospitalization. Hospitalized medical patients older than 65 years who were not confused and could walk in the 2 weeks before admission were enrolled. Wireless monitors attached to the thigh and ankle of the 47 male patients recorded their average mobility status (lying, sitting, or standing/walking) every 20 seconds. Trained observers used preprogrammed personal digital assistants to also record the patients' mobility status. The wireless monitors had excellent agreement with the observations. The monitors were valid, easy to wear, noninvasive, and capable of measuring mobility continuously over 24 hours. This study is the first to examine the validity of a measure that can assess the mobility that patients achieve during a hospital stay and can be used in future mobility studies.

Volume 45 Number 4, 2008
   Pages 551 — 558

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