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Prevalence and characteristics of dual sensory impairment (hearing and vision) in a veteran population

Sherri L. Smith, PhD, et al.

Figure. Schematic of dual sensory impairment model is shown along with degree of auditory and vision impairments of three individuals

We determined the prevalence of dual sensory impairment (DSI)-concurrent hearing and visual impairments-in a veteran population. A chart review obtained the veterans' auditory and visual data. The prevalence of DSI ranged from 0% for veterans younger than 65 to more than 20% for veterans 85 and older. Individuals with DSI have more difficulties than individuals with single sensory impairments and therefore require specialized approaches to the treatment of various health conditions. The number of veterans with DSI will increase in the next several years.

Volume 45 Number 4, 2008
   Pages 597 — 610

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