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Considerations for design of future cochlear implant electrode arrays: Electrode array stiffness, size, and depth of insertion

Stephen J. Rebscher, MA, et al.

Figure. Initial insertion point for electrode array and stylet using advance offstylet (AOS) technique in dimensionally accurate clear plastic modelof human scala tympani.

A cochlear implant is an implanted device that directly stimulates the hearing nerve in individuals with severe or profound hearing loss. It has become an important tool in clinical management of these disorders. As a group, veterans are likely to experience an increased rate of hearing loss. We evaluated the physical characteristics of cochlear implant electrode arrays and related these characteristics to the incidence of damage in the inner ear after implantation. This information will support the future development of improved electrode arrays and will inform people considering cochlear implant surgery.

Volume 45 Number 5, 2008
   Pages 731 — 748

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