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Bone health in ambulatory individuals with multiple sclerosis: Impact of physical activity, glucocorticoid use, and body composition

Mina C. Mojtahedi, MS, et al.

We examined the relationships among physical activity, glucocorticoid medication, body composition, and bone health in women with multiple sclerosis (MS) who could walk. We evaluated bone mineral content (BMC), bone mineral density, body fat and muscle, physical activity (measured by a pedometer and an accelerometer), and glucocorticoid medication use in 29 women with MS. The results showed that physical activity was related to hip BMC. Lean mass was associated with whole body BMC and hip BMC. Glucocorticoid medication use was not associated with bone health outcomes. These data support the importance of physical activity in rehabilitation for individuals with MS.

Volume 45 Number 6, 2008
   Pages 851 — 862

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