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Major medical conditions and VA healthcare costs near end of life for veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders

Wei Yu, PhD, et al.

This study examined healthcare costs and medical conditions near end of life for 2,008 veterans with spinal cord injuries and disorders. The average cost was $24,900 in the second year before end of life and reached $61,900 in the final year. The conditions that incurred the most costs included cancer (20.9%), influenza and/or pneumonia(15.1%), heart disease (13.5%), septicemia (5.9%), diabetes (5.3%), and stroke (5.1%). Prevention is important in these areas. Early cancer screening and intervention; influenza and pneumonia vaccines; and blood pressure, cholesterol,and weight control in this population should be emphasized.

Volume 45 Number 6, 2008
Pages 831  — 840

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