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Effects of acute leg ischemia during cycling on oxygen and carbon dioxide stores

Jack A. Loeppky, PhD, et al.

Figure. VO2.and .VCO2 during rest, 15 min of cycle ergometer exercise at 75W, and 5 min postexercise rest.

While restricting blood flow to an exercising limb (ischemia), regular light exercises can increase exercise endurance. This study measured the changes in body oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) stores that occur during restriction of blood flow to exercising legs while cycling with thigh pressure cuffs inflated. Breathing was greater during exercise with cuffs inflated, depleting CO2 as the legs used O2. After exercise stopped, metabolic by-products from the legs returned to the central circulation and kept breathing elevated, which gradually repaid O2 and kept CO2 below normal long after the exercise.

Volume 45 Number 7, 2008
   Pages 1091 — 1102

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