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Lipoic acid and 6-formylpterin reduce potentiation of noise-induced hearing loss by carbon monoxide: Preliminary investigation

Benoît Pouyatos, PhD, et al.

Figure. Microphotograph of organ of Corti showing hair cell loss in rat exposed to carbon monoxide and noise.

This research aims to develop new treatments that will reduce hearing loss. We have studied two antioxidant drugs, 6-formylpterin and lipoic acid, to see if they block hearing loss from exposure to noise and carbon monoxide in rats. Both of these drugs were successful in blocking hearing loss in experimental rats that received noise combined with carbon monoxide. The two test drugs cannot be used to treat hearing loss after it has occurred, and so they do not offer treatment for deafness. However, they may help us design new protective drugs that can be given immediately after a severe noise or noise and chemical exposure.

Volume 45 Number 7, 2008
   Pages 1053 — 1064

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