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Validation of FIM-MDS crosswalk conversion algorithm

Ying-Chih Wang, PhD, et al.

Figure. Point difference between actual and converted Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score distribution.

Patients move between hospitals and nursing homes. These settings use different tests. How can we determine whether the patient has improved? How can we determine whether the outcomes of one setting are better than another? While many hospitals use the Functional Independence Measure (FIM), skilled nursing homes use the Minimum Data Set (MDS) to evaluate patients. This study validated a previously developed crosswalk, a way to translate a score on the FIM to a score on the MDS and vice versa. By improving our ability to follow patients and compare healthcare settings, we find that crosswalks should increase the quality of care for veterans.

Volume 45 Number 7, 2008
   Pages 1065 — 1076

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