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Can personality theory help us understand risk of falls?

Marita Kloseck, PhD, et al.

Falling is a common and frequently devastating problem in older life. Injuries from falls in seniors, especially hip fractures, are enormously expensive and can severely impair an individual's future independence. Although we know a lot about the physical changes of aging and some about the mental changes of aging that make older people more at risk of falling, much less is known about how the personality of some people may increase the risk of falling, while that of others may reduce the risk. In this article, we consider the current views of personality structure and the ways in which personality may influence a person's behavior in the face of the day-to-day situations that aging people face that may put them at risk of falling. Some suggestions for future research are made.

Volume 45 Number 8, 2008
   Pages 1125 — 1134

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